Ikea Pizza Review

Many people think of IKEA only when it’s time to shop for new furniture. But, as it turns out, IKEA has a food court that offers authentic Swedish dishes. One can order anything from frozen yogurt, Swedish meatballs, and chicken tenders to BBQ chicken wrap and marinated salmon wrap. However, one dish stands out the most on their menu, and it’s the IKEA pizza.

Considered by many shoppers as one of their tastiest treats, IKEA pizza is a good energy booster. One slice comes at a price of only $1.25, and it has traditional toppings such as cheese and pepperoni. The crust is not crunchy but very thick and dry. Even though so many customers praise the quality of their dish, one cannot ignore a few downsides that can be easily noticed.

You can buy their pizza only at the Bistro on their way out of the store. After walking for two hours and picking out the IKEA items you have to assemble later in the day, eating their pizza is one of the ways you can prepare for the work ahead. But, is their pizza only a quick snack before you get home or an exquisite dish worth praising?

I got a chance to visit IKEA and have a slice of their pizza. In this review, I will share with you everything you need to know before ordering. Read on to find out more.

Pepperoni pizza in a box

Is IKEA Pizza for You?

Pizza lovers will most likely be disappointed with IKEA pizza. It doesn’t offer anything that will make it unique in the sea of other meals on the menu at the Bistro. The dough is similar to the dough one gets when ordering Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizzas. Upon the first bite, you can notice that the dough seems like it wasn’t made fresh. The taste of the crust is not exciting or high-quality.

One can get a simple combination of toppings such as mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce, and herbs on top. It seems like a perfectly fair combination that makes a pizza worth eating, but it has to be emphasized that it is plain. On the other hand, occasionally, one can get other toppings, such as meatballs, olive oil, and tomato slices.

But if you are looking for a snack to quench your hunger after shopping for a long time, one slice of their pizza would be the ideal appetizing meal you are looking for. The portions are generous, and you will only need one slice to satisfy your hunger. Their thick crust and mozzarella on top would instantly do the trick.

Pepperoni pizza slices

What We Like About IKEA Pizza

Even though the IKEA pizza is not the best of the best, there are still some highlights that make it a tasty meal. The best aspect is the fact that the portion is large. Their one slice is bigger than the average slice of pizza you can get at other pizza chains. Costco and IKEA have similar portions when it comes to pizzas.

Another great feature of their dish is the amount of cheese and sauce the customer gets. They are generous not only with the mozzarella cheese on top but also with the tomato sauce. The taste of these two ingredients sufficiently enhances the quality. The tomato sauce has a bit of sweetness to it. It also leaves an acidic aftertaste that doesn’t spoil the flavor.

The layers of gooey mozzarella cheese provide the pizzas with much-needed juiciness and fullness. The salty and creamy taste makes the dish delicious. Each slice contains enough cheese, which at times overwhelms the taste but in a good way.

The scattered pepperoni on top adds a vague flavor of spiciness. There is an overwhelming amount of cheese for the spiciness of the pepperoni to be overpowering. However, the combination of pepperoni and cheese works well.

People taking slices of a pizza

What We Don’t Like About IKEA Pizza

After all the highlights of IKEA pizza, it should be emphasized why this pizza is a simple, quick snack that you will forget once you exit the store. The fact that the recipe is plain and simple is the first issue. There aren’t any toppings that will make the flavor richer and different from other store-bought frozen pizzas.

Even though there are occasionally toppings such as meatballs, olive oil, and vegetables offered, the regular pizza doesn’t have these additions. Usually, you won’t have the opportunity to choose any other toppings than the regular cheese, pepperoni, and tomato sauce.

Also, the crust is thick and crunchy, but the quality of the dough is poor. It doesn’t provide a taste of freshly baked one but more resembles frozen dough. In some instances, it is too dry. The amount of cheese and sauce compensates in a way for the dryness of the crust, but it is still noticeable.

A slice of pizza with cheese and herbs on top

Pros & Cons

The high-quality of the cheese and tomato sauceA simple and plain look of the pizza
The generous portionDry crust
Hospitable staffLack of additional toppings
Low price of $1.25 for one slicePoor quality of the dough
Classic combination of ingredients
Thick and crunchy crust

What’s Included?

  • The customer gets to order at the Bistro a slice of the pizza
  • One can order take out or eat at the Bistro restaurant,
  • Usually, there is only one type of pizza without additional toppings,
  • All the pizzas are the same size, typically larger than with other pizzerias,
  • One can not customize the pizza,
  • There are numerous side dishes one can order as an addition to the meal such as bagels, beverages, ice cream, and chocolate cake.

IKEA pizza attempts to offer customers classic Italian-style pizza that has the ingredients that are desired by the majority of diners. The best part of their dish is that they omitted some of the outrageous toppings common on Swedish-style pizzas, such as bananas or kiwis.

Pizza with black olives and mayonnaise


  • Thick and crispy pizza crust,
  • Spicy pepperoni,
  • Creamy and gooey mozzarella cheese,
  • Tomato sauce,
  • Herbs on top of the cheese.

Since IKEA wants to keep the recipe simple, the amount of cheese and tomato sauce compensate for the lack of any other ingredients. It is a classic Italian-style pizza, but it is prepared like in American pizzerias such as Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s. The preparation of the dough is the main issue that contributes to the poor quality of the pizza.

Final Breakdown

The truth is that the IKEA pizza is worth considering as a quick snack before heading home after shopping. It doesn’t have the features of top-quality and exquisite pizzas one might encounter when dining at family-owned small restaurants. The flavor reveals the quick and rushed preparation of the dough and ingredients.

The quality is poor. However, there are some positive aspects that are worth mentioning. Their pizzas are not completely tasteless and devoid of delicious flavor. The mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni stand out as the best parts of the pizzas.

The creamy cheese, sweet sauce, and spicy pepperoni create a mixture that works incredibly when paired together. The combination makes up for the fact that the crust is not good. Therefore, there are pros and cons of IKEA pizzas, and since it is not the best type of pizza, it is still a worthy quick snack and energy booster when you need it the most.