Is Pizza Hut Detroit Style?

Detroit-style pizza has been a fan favorite at Pizza Hut for a long time. The crispy, thick, and juicy rectangular pizza has proven to be one of the most delectable items on the menu. However, the dish is sometimes featured on the menu and sometimes not. This sparked a debate – is Pizza Hut Detroit style?

Yes, Pizza Hut currently offers Detroit-style pizzas but only for a limited period of time. The company treats Detroit-style pizzas as a specialty which is introduced to the menu from time to time.

Cheese pizza with vegetables

Is Pizza Hut Detroit Style?

Pizza Hut has delighted its devoted customers by launching its Detroit-style pizza back in January 2021. It was a limited-edition specialty pizza back then, and they decided to pull it off the menu. However, the fans requested the dish frequently, and the company backtracked on its decision. They decided to relaunch it the same year in August.

The dish is still in high demand. The company decided to bring back Detroit-style pizza in 2022 again. Since the summer of 2022, Detroit-style pizza has been on the menu. Even though it is considered to be a limited edition specialty still, the fans have sparked an interest in the meal resulting in the pizza’s prolonged stay on the menu.

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What Types Of Detroit-style Pizzas Are Available?

The chain store has included four different recipes for their Detroit-style pizzas. The prices of each one are the same as with other specialty pizzas on their menu. Here is a chart with all the different Detroit-style pizza recipes.

Name of the OrderWhat’s included?Price
Double PepperoniCrispy and spicy pepperoni$12.99
Meaty DeluxeBacon, Italian sausage, cupped pepperoni$12.99
SupremoRed onion, Italian sausage, pepperoni$12.99
Create Your OwnThe customer can select any topping, any extra topping costs an additional $111.99

What Makes the Detroit-style Pizza a Fan Favorite?

The integral part of any Detroit-style pizza is the fluffy and chewy crust. The doughier the crust, the better the taste of the pizza. The crust is the main reason why the dish gained popularity. On top of the layered meat and vegetable toppings, the gooey cheese is sprinkled, which makes the crust golden brown. The balance between the crispy outside and the chewy and doughy inside of the Detroit-style pizzas makes the dish sell like hotcakes. The Pizza Hut Detroit-style pizzas are one of the best, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to order one.

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How Is The Detroit-style Pizza Made?

Typical Detroit-style pizzas have to be baked in a rectangular pizza pan. It will depend on the pan and how thick and chewy the dish will end up. Another interesting fact about the preparation process is that the cheese and toppings are underneath the tomato sauce. Detroit-style pizzas are layered backward. First, one needs to sprinkle a lot of savory cheese on the dough, add an ample amount of different toppings and finish the dish by pouring sauce on the pizza. The cheese must overwhelm the dough since the crust should be caramelized while baking at a high temperature.

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Pizza Hut Detroit-style Review – How Tasty Is The Popular Dish?

The Detroit-style pizza at Pizza Hut looked like a promising and exquisite meal upon first opening the box. The first impression was overwhelmingly positive since the sauce on top of the ingredients is a surprising twist for most who don’t order Detroit-style pizzas on a regular basis. The crust had an ample amount of pizza sauce on top which made it delicious and fresh.

The saltiness of the cheese was noticeable even though it was buried beneath the sauce. There was a good amount of spicy cupped pepperonis that weren’t dry or flavorless. The crunchiness of the pepperonis and the doughiness of the crust were the two best aspects of the dish. The texture and the flavor are praiseworthy. This style of pizza proved that there is a different kind of pizza that can be enjoyed as much as the standard crispy pizzas most customers have become used to.

The only drawback that needs to be mentioned is the lack of salty cheese on the crust. The golden brown color that makes the Detroit-style pizzas stand out wasn’t noticeable on the crust. There wasn’t enough gooey and stringy cheese that would elevate the taste of the crust as well as other toppings.

Overall, the Detroit-style pizzas at Pizza Hut are worth ordering and trying. It is a good alternative when it’s available on the menu. The meal will make your pizza-eating experience authentic.

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Overall Pros And Cons Of Pizza Hut Detroit-style Pizzas

Here is an overview of all the positive aspects of Pizza Hut’s authentic Detroit-style pizzas:

  • The crust is incredibly doughy and chewy,
  • The texture of the crust is well balanced out,
  • The ingredients are of high quality,
  • There is an ample amount of sauce,
  • The crispy pepperoni is not dry,
  • The bottom of the pizza doesn’t taste like cardboard.

Even though the pie is worth the praise since there are many positive qualities to it, there are still some cons that might be worth mentioning before ordering the meal:

  • There is not enough springy cheese,
  • The crust is not golden brown,
  • The overwhelming amount of sauce can cause a mess while eating.

Ready To Get A Taste Of The Pizza Hut’s Beloved Special?

If you want to try the Detroit-style pizzas at Pizza Hut, now is the time to do it. It is a limited edition offer, and one can never know when it will be pulled from the menu. There is always hope that the special will keep returning, but don’t miss the opportunity to try one now.  Choose between Double Pepperoni, Meaty Deluxe, Supremo, and Create Your Own type. One thing is for sure – you will be thrilled with the taste, while the chewiness and fluffiness of the dough will make this one of your favorite Pizza Hut dishes.