Passion Pizza Review

Papa John’s is renowned for having some of the most adventurous pizza recipes, and if you have visited this establishment recently, you might have noticed on the menu a new striking name, Hot Pepper Passion pizza.

Hot Pepper Passion pizza is a recipe based on vegetables. As the name suggests, the main ingredients are hot peppers, and truth be told, this pizza is not for people who avoid spicy food.

However, there are other vegetables as well, and some quite unique ingredients. The rest of the toppings are standard with cheese and Papa John’s pizza sauce.

A pizza with sliced peppers

Is Passion Pizza For You?

Nowadays, there are numerous kinds of pizza, and restaurant chains like Papa John’s are always looking to invent something new which will attract new customers and keep the regular ones. Papa John’s is famous for having some unique pizza recipes like Taco pizza, for example, and Hot Pepper Passion is a new exciting addition.

Hot Pepper Passion pizza is certainly not for everyone. People who dislike spicy food or have a low tolerance should definitely avoid it. Papa John’s Passion pizza is made with four kinds of peppers (two are spicy), and on top of that, onion is also added. Hence, if you are trying this pizza for the first time, make sure to take a small first bite in order to test its spiciness level.

What We Like About Passion Pizza

First and foremost, it’s very spicy, and I love that. If you like spicy food in general, then you should definitely consider trying this recipe. It is not your everyday pizza, and for all aficionados who are constantly looking for new, exciting flavors, Passion Pizza can certainly be a pleasant surprise. There are many kinds of peppers in the topping, which makes this recipe quite unique.

There are also the options of asking for extra cheese and buying additional sauces. Papa John’s offers five different sauces – Pizza, Garlic, Garlic Ranch, Honey Mustard, and Barbecue. And knowing that Papa John’s produces their sauces in-house makes it all even better. Moreover, there is an abundance of it, so overall, when combined with peppers and melted cheese, this pizza is exceptionally juicy.

Hot Peppers Passion pizza has received a lot of positive feedback from the customers, and when it comes to negative aspects, there aren’t really any concerning the taste. Papa John’s makes decent pizza, and Passion meets all their usual standards. However, as with any fast food restaurant chain,  you mustn’t hold any high expectations here as well.

What We Don’t Like About Passion Pizza

Naturally, when you see the abundance of vegetables that this pizza possesses, you would think that it is healthier than the rest, but that isn’t the case. The only good thing about Hot Peppers Passion pizza, in this regard, is the number of calories, as a slice of a standard large pizza has around 400 calories. The rest is simply dreadful and follows the traditional fast-food convention of high sodium and carbohydrate content. Additionally, the crust is not a delight.

The nutritional value is, unfortunately, extremely poor. However, this comes as no surprise, as Papa John’s or any other fast food pizzas are not healthy and should be enjoyed in moderation. The most popular order when it comes to pizza size at Papa John’s is large.

Another big disadvantage of Hot Peppers Passion pizza, and Papa John’s in general, is the price. Papa John’s is considered to be one of the more expensive fast food chains, but for people who are looking to try new pizza recipes, the price may be worth it. Also, Papa John’s is considered to be one of the better delivery options, but the price of pizza is well above the average – Hot Peppers Passion Pizza, depending on the size, costs between 16 and 20 dollars.

Pros & Cons

Spiciness – Nothing more to say about that, reallyCrust – Papa John’s offers different types of crust (stuffed, thin, original, and butternut squash). However, Passion pizza is only available with the original crust, which is ok, but no more
SaucePapa John’s sauces are generally great, and here it was no different. It had a slight sweetness which goes great with the spiciness.Poor nutritional value, as in all fast food
Toppings – Four kinds of peppers, onions, and melted cheese. And mozzarella!Papa John’s is on the more expensive side of the fast food market

What’s Included

  • Red sweet peppers
  • Green sweet peppers
  • Fiery green chili pepper
  • Jalapeno
  • Diced onion
  • Fresh mozzarella


Here you can see the nutritional values of Passion Pizza.


Final Breakdown


Pizzas like Passion are good for people who have become bored of regular recipes like Pepperoni but are also good if you want to treat your friends with something new and exciting. If you’re like me, a hot and spicy food aficionado, this pizza could be an ideal choice. And spiciness is the main reason for a high mark. Mozzarella is also always a nice addition to pizza, and the sauces are very good. All in all, it tastes extremely well.

On the other hand, it remains a question of whether spiciness alone is enough to justify the price. The crust is quite generic and decent at best, but that’s to be expected from a fast food chain.

And finally, Passion or any other Papa John’s pizza is simply not healthy, and it should be enjoyed only from time to time. Still, when that time comes, you’ll make no mistake with Passion Pizza.