What’s the Best Pizza Hut Steak Pizza?

If you have never tried Pizza Hut steak pizza, now is as good a time as any. These delicious pizzas with plenty of interesting toppings are some of the best that Pizza Hut has to offer. But how will you choose the best option? I can help with that – I’ve tried everything on the menu and can give you my review of steak pizzas available in Pizza Hut. So, here’s all the info you need before ordering your pizza.

The best Pizza Hut steak pizza is Philly Cheese Steak Pizza. The other steak pizza available in Pizza Hut is Filthy Steak Pizza with jalapenos. They both have excellent flavor and delicious toppings, but Philly Cheese will be suitable for most people, while some won’t like Filthy Steak because of the jalapenos.

Steak pizza with mushrooms and peppers

When we’re talking about pizza, there are countless options for toppings – it’s often hard to choose. Pizza Hut is known for its various options, and all of them are excellent. How does steak fit into the mix, and what other toppings should you expect on a steak pizza? I’ve summed up everything a pizza lover should know on this topic. 

Which Pizza Hut Steak Pizza Is the Best? I Say, Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

So, the options on offer are Philly Cheese Steak Pizza and Filthy Steak Pizza With Jalapenos. I find Philly Cheese to be a better choice for two reasons. First, some people (myself included) aren’t fans of jalapenos you can find on a Filthy Steak Pizza.

Make no mistake, jalapenos can fit beautifully in many dishes, but I don’t think pizza is one of them. The second reason is cheese – Philly Cheese has the perfect mix of cheeses that I find irresistible. So, if you like cheese on a pizza (and who doesn’t?), you will most certainly like Philly Cheese.

When it comes to the steak part, both options will provide you with generous amounts of meat, so there’s not much to compare there. Here are other key ingredients you can expect to show up on your steak pizza from Pizza Hut, depending on which one you choose.

Philly Cheese Steak PizzaFilthy Steak Pizza With Jalapenos
Cheddar and mozzarellaTriple cheese mix
Shaved beef steakFajita spiced beef steak
Caramelized onionsJalapenos
Peppers and mushroomsPeppers

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza Review

The crust of Philly Cheese is delicious and crunchy, just like you would expect from Pizza Hut. The steak exceeded my expectations – we are talking about a pizza place, after all. The slices are thick, very juicy, and moist – it was an excellent beef, and the only thing I could complain about is that it could’ve been slightly less chewy – but just slightly. And what about other ingredients?

  • Cheese doesn’t need to be mentioned – it was amazing as expected and blended great with the steak.
  • Mushrooms and peppers were fine, but not the stars of the show.
  • Now, what added the extra flavor and completed my impression of this pizza? Of course, caramelized onions. Thanks to these little ones, I can say that this pizza is rated highly on the list of my favorite pizzas from Pizza Hut.

Here’s Why You Should Try a Pizza With Steak

Is it even a good idea to put the steak on the pizza? We all know about the pineapple debate and how a traditional Italian pizza has no place for strange toppings like that. Italians might be opposed to changing timeless recipes, but there’s no doubt – some of these experiments can turn out to be quite fun, and steak pizza is one of the best examples of that.

Steak on a Pizza – Unexpectedly Delicious for a Pizza Topping

Obviously, this is all a matter of personal preference, and I can only tell you my experience. Some people won’t find this as yummy as your basic everyday Capricciosa, but the important thing is to give it a try. You can’t always stay in your safe zone and eat the same pizza until the day you die, right?

So, in my opinion, trying these relatively new recipes from Pizza Hut should definitely be on your list. And I must say, I didn’t have high expectations from this type of pizza when I went to test it, but I was very impressed with what Pizza Hut came up with.

The toppings are chosen very well, and they blend perfectly to create an exciting new taste that will satisfy your taste buds. I can 100% recommend these pizzas. There are two options, and I will talk a bit about both of them below, so keep reading.

hree slices of steak pizza on a pizza stone

Second Best – Filthy Steak Pizza With Jalapenos

And what about Filthy Steak? Well, the beef as the main component was excellent – quite similar to the one on the Philly Cheese. Triple cheese mix is a great addition to that. As I’ve mentioned, you can’t go wrong with the cheese.

Peppers, again, were okay, but nothing sensational – I just feel like they don’t add much to the entire picture. Now, jalapenos – they do make an impression. In my case, not such a good one. However, I can’t argue that they aren’t an interesting choice for a pizza topping if you like spicy food.

Still, keep in mind that this isn’t the spiciest thing ever – jalapeno lovers could even argue that this pizza could be even stronger than it is. So, in the end, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

A steak pizza

Whichever Pizza You Go for, You’re in for a Delicious Meal

Pizza Hut has plenty to offer, and their steak pizzas are now at the top of my list – mostly Philly Cheese. I’d recommend trying both options just to see which one, if even any, works for you. Steak pizza is an excellent kind of pizza, and most people will love it – it’s pizza, what more needs to be said? So, head over to your nearest Pizza Hut or order takeout, and prepare to be swooped away by the amazing taste of this beautiful food.