Bellatoria Pizza Review

When you are first introduced to Barnatello’s Foods, it is impossible not to try their unique brand called Bellatoria pizza. It is a line of specialty pizzas that continued the company’s growth. There are numerous types of Bellatoria pizza, but their best rated are ultra-thin crust frozen pizzas.

We’ve tried Bellatoria pizzas, and we have information every new customer should know. In this review, you can find out what makes these pizzas stand out and what their downsides are.

There are three pizzas we’ve tried and that we will review:

  1. Bellatoria ultra-thin crust ultimate supreme pizza,
  2. Bellatoria ultra-thin crust garlic chicken alfredo pizza,
  3. Bellatoria ultra-thin crust ultimate 5 cheese pizza.

With our overview of the pros and cons of each type of pizza, you’ll know if you’re making the best decision when ordering their frozen pizzas.

1) Bellatoria Ultra-Thin Crust Ultimate Supreme Pizza – Our Top Pick


Bellatoria ultra-thin crust ultimate supreme pizza is topped with Asiago cheese, parmesan, mozzarella, and tasty Italian sausages. The crust is extremely thin and crunchy, which makes it a perfect classic Italian-style pizza. It has a significant amount of cheese, making it one of Bellatoria’s best frozen pizzas.


  • Roasted red and green peppers – the flavor is enriched with slightly sweet red and green peppers
  • Black olives – There is an abundant amount of black olives that enhance the savoriness of the pie
  • Italian-style sauce – the tasty Italian-style sauce made from tomatoes, olive oil, and grated onions makes the pizzas delicious.  
  • Pepperoni – With a bit of zesty pepperoni on top, lovers of piquant food will love this type of frozen pizza

What We Like About Bellatoria Ultra-Thin Crust Ultimate Supreme Pizza

When you take Bellatoria ultra-thin crust ultimate supreme pizza out of the oven, you can notice lots of crisps ingredients. One of the best aspects of this thin-crust pizza is that there is an overwhelming amount of toppings, such as pepperoni, red onions, black olives, and sausage, adding the needed thickness to the pizzas.

The tomato sauce stands out since it isn’t too spicy or too sweet. Even though the sauce is outstanding, the best part of Bellatoria pizzas is the meat. Together pepperoni and the best sausage create an appetizing taste that creates savoriness and juiciness. When you take a bite of the roasted green and red peppers, the richness of the meaty flavor is truly supreme.

There are a lot of black olives instead of mushrooms on top, which for many people, would make the taste dull. However, in this case, the pizza received a weird yet pleasant flavor which made it authentic in its own right.

What We Don’t Like About Bellatoria Ultra-Thin Crust Ultimate Supreme Pizza

The drawback we experienced when making this type of frozen pizza is that there is a chance you might easily burn it if you are not careful. The ultra-thin crust has to be baked for a shorter period of time, and one has to check whether the crust is turning brown or black from time to time.

Also, once you have your slice, you might notice that the pizza is too thin. Individuals who like a thick crust would be disappointed. There aren’t any mushrooms, just a lot of black olives, which is also a downside. These pizzas lack a good amount of cheese – it seems like the company was stingy when it comes to mozzarella, parmesan, and Asiago cheese.

Flavorsome tomato sauceUltra-thin crust that can be easily burned if not baked properly
Great taste of sausage and pepperoniNo mushrooms
The added sweetness of roasted red and green peppersA smaller amount of cheese on the pie
Easy to store
Baked in a few minutes

2) Bellatoria Ultra-Thin Crust Garlic Chicken Alfredo Pizza


Bellatoria ultra-thin crust garlic chicken alfredo pizza is a great-tasting pie that is topped with Asiago cheese, tender pieces of chicken, and melted mozzarella cheese. The ultra-thin crust combined with pieces of chicken and various Italian spices makes the slices taste unique and delicious.


  • Alfredo sauce – The dough tastes authentic with creamy garlic Alfredo sauce instead of typical tomato sauce. It is light, and the flavor isn’t overpowering.
  • Italian spices – The mix of basil, thyme, rosemary, and dried oregano makes these frozen pizzas resemble homemade ones
  • Pieces of chicken – Instead of pepperoni and ham, the pieces of chicken serve as a new fresh and juicy twist

What We Like About Bellatoria Ultra-Thin Crust Garlic Chicken Alfredo Pizza

The main feature of this type of dish is the Alfredo sauce that separates it from the rest. No other frozen pies have garlic and creamy sauce that blends well with the mozzarella and Asiago cheese. The combination gives additional stretchiness to the dish, which is definitely the best part of it.

The diced chicken doesn’t disappoint as well. Many people think that a perfect pizza needs to be topped with either ham or pepperoni, but chicken can sometimes be a great option as well. It adds richness and needed freshness which is elevated with various Italian spices.

What We Don’t Like About Bellatoria Ultra-Thin Crust Garlic Chicken Alfredo Pizza

As with all frozen pizzas, cooking time is essential for the dish to turn out great. One has to be extremely careful with these not only because of the thin crust that can easily burn but also because of the chicken. The pieces of chicken would become too dry and shriveled if baked for more than 20 minutes.

Additionally, if left too long in the oven, the dough will not turn crispy but tough and hard or even burn. The dough is too sensitive when taken directly out of the freezer so being careful with cooking time is of utmost importance.

Delicious and creamy Alfredo sauceDry chicken bits if left too long in the oven
Juicy pieces of chickenThe dough can turn out tough
Outstanding mixture of Italian spicesNo tomato sauce
Easy to storeNo mushrooms

3) Bellatoria Ultra-Thin Crust Ultimate 5 Cheese Pizza


One of the more popular frozen pizzas is the Bellatoria ultra-thin crust ultimate 5 cheese pizza which is made with various types of cheese from mozzarella to provolone and Asiago. The red sauce on the dough, along with Italian spices, is an ideal mix for a cheesy pizza.


  • Romano cheese – The hard and salty melting cheese makes the slices taste extra savory
  • Fontina cheese – The savoriness of the Romano cheese is balanced out with the rich and creamy taste of the sweet Fontina cheese
  • Provolone cheese – It melts incredibly well when baked in the oven and has a smooth flavor. The mild smoky flavor adds much-needed authenticity to the recipe.
  • Italian sauce – The rich Italian red sauce works well when combined with different cheeses

What We Like a Bellatoria Ultra-Thin Crust Ultimate 5 Cheese Pizza

What makes the ultimate 5 cheese pizza special is the combination of different cheeses. Each one adds a different flavor. There is a half pound of real cheese on each dish. From the salty Romano cheese and creamy taste of Fontina cheese to the juicy mozzarella and smoky flavor of provolone, the pizzas have an outstanding taste. They make it stretchy, thick, and delicious.

Also, this recipe doesn’t lack a bit of Italian zest. With the Italian red sauce and the Italian spices such as pepper, oregano, and basil, the flavor of multiple kinds of cheese is enriched.

What We Don’t Like About Bellatoria Ultra-Thin Crust Ultimate 5 Cheese Pizza

What doesn’t surprise me about this thin-crust pie is the fact that it is nothing special and quite plain. It can be argued that it is the same as any other type of thin-crust pizza but with an overwhelming amount of cheese. It is simply a run-of-the-mill pizza, and customers who like meat on their pies wouldn’t like it.

Even though the sauce is good and the combination with different spices works incredibly well, there is a bit of aftertaste that lingers once you finish eating. It tastes a bit acidic, but the cheese helps to mask it a bit.

The taste of the crust is problematic, too. It resembles a burnt saltine cracker if it’s not prepared correctly, which simply makes these frozen pizzas bland.

Ideal combination of flavorsome cheesesCrust is too thin and bland
An overwhelming amount of different cheesesDoesn’t have any meat
Italian sauce works well with the spicesThe sauce leaves an aftertaste
Stores easilyIsn’t different in any way from other thin crust pizzas
Ready in less then 15 minutes

What to Look for When Buying Bellatoria Pizza

A Good Combination of Ingredients and Sauces

Some ingredients work well with each other and can create a great-tasting pie. When looking for the perfect frozen pizza, read all of the ingredients on the box. The best recipes are those that feature red Italian sauce with pepperoni and the best pizza ham. The combination you should learn about is the red sauce and pieces of chicken since the flavors clash.

Make Sure the Instructions on the Box Are Clear and Easy to Understand

The cooking time is vital if you want your dishes to turn out crispy and tasty. Make sure that the instructions are clearly visible on the box and that they cover every step of the process. Don’t attempt to bake the pizzas according to your preferences since every dish is different.

Check the Nutrition Contents Before Buying

You should always check the nutrition content of one serving size and see how many calories, total fat, sodium, and protein you can expect. When you are informed about the nutrients, you can make sure to eat more or less of certain pizzas based on your dietary needs.

Final Verdict – The Best Bellatoria Pizza

Bellatoria Ultra-Thin Crust Ultimate Supreme Pizza

This brand of pizza may be among the more expensive, but one gets good quality for the money. The Bellatoria ultra-thin crust ultimate supreme pizzas have the ideal combination of fresh ingredients from Italian sausages, mozzarella cheese, and Asiago cheese to roasted green and red peppers, as well as red onions.

They are quite easy to store and can be prepared in just a few minutes. The crust is thin and crunchy, but the overwhelming number of toppings make the pie worth every dollar. It has the ultimate taste and the ideal combination of juicy meat – it is simply the best choice.


At What Temperature Should You Cook Bellatoria Pizzas?

One should preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and place the pizzas on the center rack. They should be baked for 10 to 15 minutes max.

Can You Microwave Bellatoria Pizzas?

No, the pizzas cannot be simply microwaved once they are taken out of the freezer. They should be baked in the pizza oven.

Do You Need a Pizza Stone?

There is no need to use a pizza stone if you want your meal to turn out tasty. The stone only helps you get a crispier crust. But other kitchen tools, like pizza pans and steel baking sheets, can be used for the same purpose.