The Best Walmart Pizza Stone

The question of what is the best Walmart pizza stone shouldn’t surprise you. Just consider that Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day, which is 350 slices eaten per second. And surely, the better option is to prepare it at your home with some healthy ingredients and enjoy your meal on your comfy couch.

The best Walmart pizza stone is the round Unicook pizza stone because you can use it in your home oven and grill. Its round shape makes it a perfect fit for almost every oven and grill. You should also consider Nordic ware, CucinaPro, PizzaCraft, and Fox Run.

A round pizza in the plate

If you want to check the features of these pizza stones you can find at Walmart, keep reading. I’ll show you what you need for the perfect pizza at home.

How to Pick the Best Walmart Pizza Stone on the Market?

If you’re wondering whether a pizza stone is worth it and will you actually use it, then you need to answer one simple question first: do you like eating pizza? If the answer is positive, then having a tool that will get the most of the dough and ingredients is more than necessary.

However, there isn’t the one and only kind of the pizza stone, and if you’ve never had a chance to use it before, you’ll need to check some specifications and features first. There are numerous sizes and types, so here is what you should take into account before the purchase:

  • Size – can the stone fit your oven or grill, and will you have enough space to store it after use.
  • Weight – although you’ll get better heat retention with the ticker stone, keep in mind these stones can be pretty heavy.
  • Price – at Walmart, there are more affordable stones at around $20 and the expensive ones about $60.
  • Cleaning do you wash a pizza stone? Always check the instructions first.

Does Pizza Taste Better Baked on a Stone?

If you’re a bit of a connoisseur yourself, then you’re probably wondering if a pizza stone is better than steel. I personally prefer the stone because they absorb hot air better, and the heat is slowly released for hours. As a result, you’ll get a flavorful crust with tender and fresh toppings.

That’s why you can cook naan on a pizza stone and other treats like that. Also, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. In fact, a dough sticking to a stone isn’t about the stone itself but probably about the dough. To prevent this, just make sure you knead the dough enough, and your problem will easily be solved. Now, let’s see what stones Walmart has to offer and their prices.

Nordic Ware$19.50
CucinaPro square stone$59.95
Large square ceramic stone with a wooden spatula and carrying tray$38.12
Mini stone tiles$29.95
Fox Run square stone$34.99
Unicook stone$32.99

With Rectangular Unicook Prepare the Tastiest Pizza in Oven and Grill

This is my absolute favorite of all pizza stones I could try lately. The first reason is the shape. I love the rectangular-shaped stones because I find them perfect for my pizza. The second, and surely more important one, is the unique structure the Unicook pizza stone has. On the surface of the stone, there are many pores that aren’t visible, and they help draw the excess moisture from the dough. 

This technique will ensure you get the perfect crisp crust as you ordered it from a traditional pizzeria or expensive restaurant. And the best thing is that you can use it on charcoal or gas grills, and not just in home ovens.

Make Pizza Like a Traditional Pizzeria Does With Round Unicook Pizza Stone

Although I said that rectangular stones are my favorite if you’re new at this, I suggest you start with a round pizza stone first. It will provide effortless handling, and you won’t have to overthink, just knead the dough well and place it on a round surface. Walmart has Unicook round stone that is just perfect. And the great thing is that you can choose between two sizes –  the 15” and 13” in diameter.

A pizza dough on a counter

Nordic Ware Stone Is One of the Best Pizza Stones on the Market

If you want to bake pizza, but also other stuff like calzones or even cookies, the Nordic Ware stone is a perfect choice. It’s because of the size of the cooking surface – 13 inches, and you’ll actually get the whole set of a cutter and serving rack for the same price. And if you have a limited budget for buying new kitchen gear, know that this is the most affordable pizza stone you’ll find at Walmart.

In this case, price doesn’t necessarily decide the quality. In fact, this product will provide you with excellent performance. No matter if you want to bake bread or something similar, you’ll definitely take your cooking to the next level. It’s because these stones have micro invisible pores that absorb the moisture and leave the dough tender from the inside and beautifully crispy from the outside. 

Get the Authentic Taste of Old World Brick Ovens With CucinaPro

One of the things that make CucinaPro square stone different from the other is its material. Professionals from CucinaPro thought of using the material that was used in the Old World brick ovens. And they did a great job because precisely this material gives a pizza or whatever you want to bake that authentic taste. So, if you’re into something different but still traditional, you should check out other features and benefits of the CucinaPro stone:

  • Easy to cleansimply scrape clean,
  • 3/4-inch thick,
  • Thick stone that over seasons improves performance,
  • The stone shouldn’t be washed,
  • It’s made of the finest ceramic.

Make the Greatest Individual Pizzas With Pizzacraft ThermaBond Mini Stones

If you like to experiment a bit, then Pizzacraft ThermaBond’s individual stones are just the thing for you. This product will allow you to bake many other things like pies or mini pieces of bread precisely because you’ll get individual pieces of the high-quality pizza stone.

This is the one right tool you should have in your kitchen if you want to have perfect crispy dough directly from your oven. Also, isn’t it a great serving option – individual-sized pieces of pizza or a smaller bread baked, right?

The ThermaBond technology uses a special formula when making these stone pieces that guarantee durability and prevent breakage at high temperatures. Because of that, you can use it in your oven, but it’s also suitable for cooking on the grill.

Baked pizza on a black plate

Have a Multiuse Fox Run Stoneware

If you’re willing to invest a bit into your new pizza stone, then you should consider the Fox Run Stoneware. Not only is it one of the top-rated products at Walmart, but it’s their best-selling item too. But there’s no better recommendation than an honest review of a customer that actually used the product, right? Since I have used it for a while, I have to say that it’s an amazing pizza stone that will provide you with even baked pizza with a tender yet crispy crust.

Its size is 14 x 15.5 inches which allow you to make regular-sized pizza. The square shape (I personally prefer) provides the possibility to make both round and square pizza. And if that’s not convincing enough, then you should look at its features:

  • It can be used for baking rolls and cookies,
  • The ceramic construction is made of stoneware,
  • Ensures the even distribution of heat,
  • Makes a dough crispier and lighter by absorbing excess moisture,
  • Safe to use it in regular and convection and microwave oven,
  • Easy to clean with a damp sponge or other soft fabric.

Explore Walmart’s Best Selling Stones and Get the Most Suitable One for Your Home

When looking for a high-quality pizza stone that will change the entire cooking of yours, then you should check what Walmart has to offer. You might go with the ceramic one first because they are more affordable if you’re a beginner.

My absolute favorite at Walmart is rectangular Unicook. It’s a product that makes the best pizza in my oven and grill as well. However, make sure you check all specifications of each product I mentioned and decide wisely what your new kitchen gear will be.