Best DiGiorno Pizza

Pizza is the most popular comfort food in the world. Nowadays, people don’t have to go to restaurants to eat a tasty meal. Frozen pizzas have become the next best thing, and they are the perfect alternative option when you don’t feel like cooking anything.

I’ve had the opportunity to try some of the most delectable DiGiorno frozen pizzas. Compared to other brands, such as Celeste and Newman’s Own pizza, DiGiorno’s boxes contain unique dishes that don’t have cardboard and dry taste when heated up in an oven or microwave. I’ve made a selection of the best-frozen pizzas you should try yourself.

Pepperoni pizza on a plate

DiGiorno Margherita Pizza – Our Top Choice


DiGiorno Margherita pizza is a classic style thin crust pizza that is topped with the company’s signature tomato sauce, mouthwatering cheese, and tasty vegetables. The crust is extra thin and crispy, like on every hand-tossed pizza. The charm of this appetizing dish is the fact that it is soft and airy on the inside while all ingredients are of high quality.

Margherita pizza on a plate


  • The taste is the same as pizzas at the best pizza chains such as Pizza Hut and Domino
  • It is cheaper than pizzas at restaurants
  • The pizza is intended to feed four people
  • The traditional combination of toppings made the meal stand out from the rest
  • The sauce is exceptional since it is prepared from vine-ripened tomatoes
  • The crispy texture gives the dish a perfect crunch

What We Like About DiGiorno Margherita Pizza

The best aspect of DiGiorno Margherita pizza is the light flavor. Even though it is a veggie pizza with a lot of mozzarella cheese on top, it leaves the diner full. It isn’t an oily pizza with many meat toppings that can cause anyone to feel heavy.

Another fact that made this pizza incredible is the fact that it doesn’t taste like a frozen pizza at all. This is possibly the greatest advantage of DiGiorno Margherita pizza which makes it my top choice. It doesn’t turn into cardboard after 15 minutes and it tastes just like pizzas from popular pizzerias.

Additionally, there is an overwhelming amount of toppings and the consistency of the crust is great. The tomatoes that were spread all over the pie were incredibly juicy and fresh. They were a perfect addition to the cheese that melts really well.

Person cutting a Margherita pizza

What We Don’t Like About Margherita Pizza

The only downside of Margherita pizza is that it doesn’t contain any exciting ingredients. You can just taste the cheese and vegetables. The toppings are juicy and delectable, but this great pizza can be even better with more diverse toppings.

Another negative side is that you can barely taste the Asiago and Romano cheese. There is an overwhelming amount of mozzarella and it overpowers all other toppings.

Pros & Cons

Great combination of toppingsIt doesn’t include versatile toppings
A crispy texture of the crustAsiago and Romano cheese cannot be tasted
Cheap price – 9 dollars for 18 oz of pizza
The light flavor
Fresh ingredients

DiGiorno Meatless Sausage Supreme Pizza


The DiGiorno Meatless Sausage Supreme Pizza differentiates itself from the rest of the frozen pizzas since it is topped with plant-based sausage pieces. Apart from sausage, it contains red and green bell peppers, tomato paste, and mozzarella cheese. It is a delicious hand-tossed pizza that vegetarians can enjoy.

Pizza with black olives, corn, and sausages


  • The DiGiorno Meatless Sausage Supreme Pizza is a crispy hand-tossed pizza
  • The plant-based sausage pieces, made by Sweet Earth Enlightened Foods, are a good source of protein
  • The combination of vegetable blends well with the flavorful sausages
  • It includes only Mozzarella cheese that bubbles beautifully when cooked in an oven

What We Like About Digiorno Meatless Sausage Supreme Pizza

One of the greatest pros of Meatless Sausage Supreme Pizza is that it smells like the original Sausage Supreme pizza, which will fool numerous people who are not plant-based but still choose to try the meal. The meatless sausage has a good flavor and it doesn’t disappoint.

Another great aspect of this type of frozen pizza is that the texture of the crust is thin and crispy. The doughiness would take away from the flavor of the ingredients, but this dish doesn’t have that issue.

Also, there is a lot of cheese and vegetables along with sausage on the pie. The company is very generous with its ingredients so it’s a pleasure to enjoy this pizza.

Sausage pizza on a plate

What We Don’t Like About DiGiorno Meatless Sausage Supreme Pizza

It’s still a meatless pizza and once you try the sausage pieces separately, the texture gives it away that it’s not real meat. If you don’t mind that the sausages are plant-based, you’d love the dish.

Another slight negative side of this pizza is the lack of pizza sauce. The DiGiorno signature sauce gives every pizza a tasty flavor, but this pizza doesn’t have enough sauce for the taste to come into the light.

Pros & Cons

The crispy texture of the crustThe lack of sauce
A plant-based version of Sausage Supreme PizzaThe texture of the sausage pieces is not similar to real meat
High quality of veggies
Flavorful plant-based sausage pieces

DiGiorno Mac And Cheese Pizza


One of the best rising crust pizzas from DiGiorno’s is the Mac and Cheese pizza, the newest addition to their menu. One can never miss the mix of macaroni and cheese and pizza, and DiGiorno’s is layered with macaroni & cheese sauce, cheddar cheese, and shredded mozzarella.


  • It is a rising crust pizza that guarantees a fluffy, doughy, flavorful, and airy crust
  • There is no tomato sauce, just a mac and cheese sauce
  • The Blanched Elbow Macaroni is cooked very well
  • Cheddar Cheese Sauce Seasoning adds a savory flavor to the dish
  • The Mozzarella on top of the pie melts all over other ingredients

What We Like About DiGiorno Mac And Cheese Pizza

Mac and Cheese is a delicious DiGiorno pizza even though it lacks the company’s signature sauce and versatile pizza toppings. It is a combination of two dishes and the meal works great on a rising crust. It is incredibly doughy and soft. The price is only 5 dollars which is pretty low for a great frozen pizza like this

The main ingredients of the dish are part-skim mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese. Both ingredients are of high quality making the pizza taste flavorful. It tastes like a pizza and mac and cheese simultaneously.

Mac and Cheese pizza

What We Don’t Like About DiGiorno Mac And Cheese Pizza

The meal is inspired by Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese, but one cannot expect it to taste the same. The drawback is that it doesn’t have an authentic flavor. The meal represents two dishes put together.

Individuals who like traditional pizzas wouldn’t be impressed and mac and cheese enthusiasts would find the crust to be a bit too much. Even though it is a well-thought-out dish, the main drawback is that it isn’t a classic traditional pizza.

Pros & Cons

Low priceIt doesn’t taste like Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese
The combination of two beloved comfort foodsThere aren’t any additional ingredients except mac and cheese
The savory blend of cheeses that work well on the pizzaIt lacks the company’s signature tomato sauce
The rising dough that is fluffy and airy

What To Look For When Buying Best Digiorno Pizza?

A Good Combination Of Ingredients

The ultimate best pizzas include fresh and juicy ingredients that make the dish flavorful. When the mouthwatering mozzarella cheese is combined with tomatoes and olives you’ll get a classic combination of toppings that has proved to be one of the best. It’s recommended to find a good combination of toppings that also include some of your favorite ingredients as well.

High-Quality Ingredients

Frozen pizza should not taste like it was just pulled out of a freezer and baked in a pizza oven. If the pie contains high-quality ingredients that will not dry up under high temperatures, you will get a chance to enjoy a tasty pizza. Always read the box before purchasing the pizza.

Choose The Type Of Crust You Like

DiGiorno offers numerous crusts among which are hand-tossed, stuffed, gluten-free, rising, crisp pan, and croissant crusts. Customers usually opt for the ones they enjoy the most, but the rising and hand-tossed crust are the best in their selection. The first one provides the meal with fluffiness and doughiness, while the latter brings delightful crispiness.

Pepperoni pizza on a stone


Margherita Pizza

The charm of the Margherita Pizza from DiGiorno is that it tastes like a classic pizza prepared in Naples or Rome. It is a traditional pie that doesn’t include any ingredients that would dull or ruin the flavor of the sauce or mozzarella. The vegetables are of high quality and they taste fresh even though the pie was frozen and then heated up in the oven.

The hand-tossed style crust is both crunchy on the outside and airy on the inside, making the dish a perfect meal for a dinner party or as a quick comfort meal. One can find this kind of DiGiorno frozen pizza in any supermarket.

Margherita pizza on a late


Is the Margherita Pizza crust gluten-free?

No, even though DiGiorno offers gluten-free crusts, the Margherita Frozen Pizza is only a hand-tossed style crust that is not gluten-free.

How many calories does Margherita Pizza contain?

It has been estimated that there are 270 calories in the Frozen DiGiorno Margherita.

Can you microwave DiGiorno frozen pizzas?

Technically you can but that doesn’t mean that you’ll succeed at cooking the dough well enough. It’s best to use a pizza oven or your regular oven.

How long do DiGiorno pizzas last in the freezer?

The customer should always check the expiry date on the box and see by which date the dish can be eaten. Most commonly frozen pizzas last approximately 18 months in the freezer.