Breville Microwave Air Fryer Review

The kitchen appliance that boasts both versatility and functionality, the Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1 microwave, air fryer, and toaster oven is a prime example of an appliance that takes the design of traditional ovens to the next level.

It is intended for cooking healthy food for any type of event. From golden brown French fries to Mac and Cheese pizza and chocolate chip cookies – one can make everything on the standard menu.

How many appliances have an element IQ system? Not many, but Breville Microwave does. This means that it operates on smart algorithms that direct the power so as to create a perfect cooking environment.

Made from stainless steel, the microwave weighs approximately 36 pounds. It is a modern appliance that comes with an instruction booklet, combi crip pan, and trivet. And even though Breville Microwave is a bit pricey, it still combines three functions into one kitchen appliance, which is rare on the market.

Therefore, if you want to make a purchase but you are not yet sure whether it’s worth the price, check out my in-depth review, which might help you make up your mind.

Is Breville Microwave Air Fryer For You?

Breville Microwave is much more than an ordinary microwave that you can use to heat up popcorn or meals. Not only will you be able to cook, but it is also a convenient air fryer and a convection oven.

It doesn’t include just one heating style but three. There is a smart reheat feature, smart defrost feature, and smart cook feature. If you want to avoid overheating or drying out your food, the Breville Microwave is programmed to emit low, smooth temperatures that can heat the food evenly.

It cooks much more quickly than traditional ovens and any Blackstone pizza oven. Since it is designed to combine the function of grilling, microwave, and convection ovens, you can achieve the perfect temperature at certain cooking intervals.

The design is also well-thought-out since you have shortcut buttons on its inside door. The buttons are intended to speed up the cooking process since they are designed for the most common tasks, such as softening butter, melting chocolate, and popping popcorn. With just a push of a button, you can get your favorite meal prepared in minutes.

A microwave with an opened door

What We Like About Breville Microwave Air Fryer

Upon unpacking the Breville Microwave Air Fryer, I was surprised at how elegant the exterior design is. It’s primarily made from stainless steel while the LCD screen provides a nice fancy touch to the appliance. The best thing about the button panel on the door is that it’s very easy to use and there are clear indications of what each button is for.

The most useful feature must be the air frying pan. It’s incredibly simple to use and there are not many issues with cleaning and maintenance. When you don’t need it, you don’t need a special place to put it, just leave it inside the Breville Microwave.

What makes Breville Microwave fantastic is the speed at which you can finish any type of dish. With the help of numerous functions, you will cook much faster.

Another feature that stands out as one of the best is the Power Smoothing Inverter technology. You won’t have to wait and use the on-and-off method to adjust the correct power intensity. The technology can adjust on its own the power that will be required to cook the dish to perfection.

Additionally, there is a feature that is just the icing on the top for this kind of appliance. It entails a soft close door and quieter operation. The Breville Microwave offers you to use a child lock as well as a mute button that will allow you to avoid clangs, beeps, and bumps.

A contemporary kitchen with all appliances

What We Don’t Like About Breville Microwave Air Fryer

Even though the Breville Microwave Air Fryer is an authentic and greatly upgraded version of a traditional microwave and oven, there are still some drawbacks that shouldn’t get overlooked.

The first issue that arises is with the cooking manual. It doesn’t go into specifics about how the appliance functions. There are only a couple of recipes that one can use when cooking, but there should be a booklet with much clearer instructions.

Also, it cannot be placed in a regular microwave cabinet as some countertop pizza ovens can. Any type of microwave that has a built-in oven needs to be placed where it can have proper ventilation. It can get quite hot on the outside, and nothing should be placed near the microwave since it can easily catch fire or melt.

There is a problem with the feet of the product, too. They are not non-skid, so one needs to be careful when using them. And if you want to cook something that contains a lot of oil, you might end up with oil stains on the ceiling of the appliance. This might be hard to clean so you should avoid putting anything with a good amount of oil inside.

A microwave above an oven in a kitchen

Pros & Cons

There are three appliances in one – air fryer, microwave, and convection ovenThe instructions pamphlet is not clear enough
There is a smart cook, smart defrost and smart reheat featuresIt is too big to fit into a typical microwave cabinet
The microwave has an appealing designItems should not be placed next to it since it can emit heat on the outside
It comes with a combi crip pan and a trivetThe legs are not non-skid
The button panel is clear and simple to useHard to clean the oil from the ceiling of the appliance
There are auto settings and shortcutsIt’s a pricey appliance
There is Fast Combi feature and Cooking from Frozen presets
The quieter mode of operation

What’s Included?

  • Accessories – Combi Crips Pan and Trivet
  • Settings – Shortcuts Panel, +30 Instant Start, Turntable Off, Child Lock
  • Features – Smart Defrost, Smart Cook, Smart Reheat
  • Microwave guide cover
  • LCD screen
  • Viewing window
  • Door handle
  • Cooking Styles – Fast Combi, Cook From Frozen, Air Fry, Oven, Grill, Microwave
  • The capacity is 1.1 cu ft/32L
  • A warranty – One year of Limited Product Warranty
  • Power Smoothing Inverter technology
  • Element IQ system technology
  • Pamphlet with recipes

With everything that entails the box with the Breville Microwave Air Fryer, you will have the opportunity to experiment with various cooking styles and prepare appetizing meals for the entire family.

The price tag shouldn’t be an obstacle to getting an appliance that can change the way you prepare food.

A modern microwave

Technical Specifications

Wattage1400 watts
Item weight34 pounds
Voltage120 Volts
Are batteries included?No
Oven capacity32 liters
Glass turntable diameter124 inches
Oven Input Power1700 – 2100 W
Microwave Input Power1300 W
Grill Input Power880W – 1100W
Outside dimensions12.5 inches (H)
20.4 inches (W)
20.2 inches with handle (D)
19.3 inches (D)


  • The straightforward panel makes it easy to choose the cooking style and prepare favorite dishes with ease,
  • A great feature of quieter operation makes you enjoy meal preparation without annoying noises,
  • You can bake, fry, grill and microwave inside the Breville Microwave Air Fryer which makes it a unique kitchen appliance,
  • The outside of the appliance is simple to clean and the stainless steel won’t get quickly stained,
  • You can fit any type of kitchen pan or pizza pan of your choice inside the oven,
  • The cooking is fast and efficient, and the most important thing is that the food gets evenly cooked,
  • The Breville combination oven is considered to be simple to operate since it has helpful presets,
  • You can perfectly cook BBQ ribs, rice, yams, potatoes au Gratin steamed veggies, salmon and chicken.

Final Breakdown

Simply put, you will enjoy the Breville Microwave Air Fryer for its versatility. It’s one of the best microwaves on the market but its price makes customers double-check the functionality. Whether you want to heat up something, cook chicken or bake cookies, air fry potatoes or cook any type of pizza, you will be able to use this appliance.

Even though you don’t have to be a chef to know how to use this kitchen appliance to your advantage, it’s still of utmost importance to check the instructions and first try cooking simple meals.

It is worth the price even though there are some small drawbacks that don’t necessarily impact the quality of the meals that you will prepare.

There are quite a few reasons why many individuals order their own Breville Microwave Air Fryer and that is the user-friendly panel, it’s built to last for quite a long time and there are many cooking options available.

If you’ve made up your mind, don’t waste time and get one of the Breville Combi Microwaves today.