Buffalo Chicken Pizza Domino’s

Domino’s has been one of the most popular restaurant pizza chains in the world for over a half-century now, and the main contributor to this success has been the constant innovative pizza recipes. One of them is certainly the Buffalo chicken pizza.

The main characteristics of this pizza are the famous Buffalo sauce known for its buttery texture and spicy taste, which you would usually eat with wings and the soft pieces of grilled chicken.

Domino’s cheeseburger pizza and even chicken taco pizza are some of the most creative recipes that have come from this restaurant chain. However, we have to say that Buffalo chicken pizza has surprised us positively, given the fact that it is an odd combination of ingredients for such a dish. Nonetheless, be sure to check this review if you are a pizza enthusiast like we are.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza ready to be served

Is Domino’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza for You?

First of all, if you like to enjoy a movie night with your friends after a hard day’s work, Domino’s is considered to be one of the better delivery pizzas. After all, some time and effort are required to prepare a good pizza.

When it comes to these non-conventional pizza dishes, it depends on what type of person you are. If you like to experiment with food, definitely consider trying Buffalo chicken. On the other hand, if you are more of a traditional type that sticks to a few recipes, then it might not be that enjoyable since it has a unique (for some people, strange) flavor.

Domino’s is known to be one of the more cost-effective pizza parlors, and adding extra toppings is not expensive either. You can also order extra cheese or sauce, and the latter has the potential to make this recipe even more exciting.

What We Like About Domino’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Without any doubt, the sauce is what makes this pizza great. Judging by the taste, it seems that Domino’s is following the traditional recipe of hot sauce, butter, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce. It really adds to the texture and imparts that pleasant spicy aftertaste.

Another thing that was pleasantly surprising was the chicken. Naturally, you probably won’t have high expectations when ordering chicken from a fast food chain. However, the chicken was tender and well-seasoned, and it tasted great with the sauce.

Domino’s is known to make a decent crust for a fast food chain, and Buffalo chicken pizza’s crust was good. We went for the hand-tossed (thin crust, handmade pan, and Brooklyn style are available also), and the crust had a good level of crunchiness.

Finally, we heard from various people that ordering extra sauce would make this pizza even better, so we went for it on another, and indeed, the flavor and the juiciness were even more pleasant.

What We Don’t Like About Domino’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Before ordering, you should know that one of the ingredients is slices of onions. However, the general rule “the richer the toppings, the better” doesn’t apply here, and we felt that on some bites, the taste of onion was too overpowering.

Three different types of cheese go on this pizza, American, provolone, and cheddar. Unfortunately, American cheese is the dominant one (being the least expensive), and this type of cheese doesn’t really have much flavor. Provolone and cheddar were great, but it would be better if the proportions were to be a bit more even.

Finally, we mustn’t fail to mention the nutritional value. Simply put, Buffalo chicken pizza is great, but it should be enjoyed only from time to time. While checking the nutritional chart, we noticed that a slice contained a staggering 1,110 mg of sodium. Although all pizza slices are packed with sodium, this is high even for fast food standards.

Pros & Cons

Unique and exciting pizza recipeNot for people who don’t like onions
Affordable priceThe American cheese doesn’t have much flavor
Different options for size and type of crustThe nutritional value is poor
Quality grilled chicken meat, and genuine Buffalo sauce

What’s Included?

  • Four different sizes – small, medium, large, and XL,
  • Four different types of crust – hand-tossed, handmade pan, thin crust, and Brooklyn style,
  • Options to add extra Buffalo sauce or the fifteen different Domino’s pizza toppings.

We went for two large, hand-tossed pizzas, one with the extra Buffalo sauce, and we have to say that they were quite generous when adding more sauce. However, if spiciness is not a regular part of your diet, you might not enjoy the extra sauce.


  • Buffalo sauce and pieces of grilled chicken are two main ingredients,
  • Three different types of cheese included (American, provolone, and cheddar),
  • Different sizes and types of crust,
  • Options to add extra toppings or extra Buffalo sauce,
  • Affordable price.

The best feature of this pizza is, without any doubt, the unique combination of Buffalo sauce and grilled chicken. The chances that your friends haven’t tried such a recipe are high. However, it does have a unique taste, so there is a certain risk you might not enjoy it as much as we did.

Final Breakdown


This grade has been primarily established upon the comparison with other fast food pizza recipes (especially the more unusual ones). Therefore, if you are expecting a taste of a homemade pizza from a brick pizza oven, you are in for disappointment.

However, when compared to other interesting recipes (even Domino’s, like pan pizza, for example), it really stands its ground. If you like spicy food, this pizza will not disappoint you. Ordering this pizza is worth it, even just for the sake of experimenting, as you or your friends have probably not tried a pizza with such a combination of ingredients.