Does Domino’s Have Stuffed Crust Pizza?

With over 18,000 stores worldwide, Domino’s Pizza is the largest global pizza chain. Simultaneously, it’s a franchise that offers a wide variety of pizza types, toppings, and crusts – but does Domino’s have stuffed crust pizza?

Yes, Domino’s has stuffed pizza, but only on the menus outside of the US. International Domino’s stores combine cheese, parsley, and garlic to make one of the best cheese stuffings. Papa John’s Epic Stuffed Pizza crust is a good alternative for all those who wait for it to appear on Domino’s US menu.

Cheese pizza with vegetable toppings

If you want to know more about Domino’s filled crust pizza and its suitable alternatives, don’t miss the article below.

Yes, Domino’s Does Have Stuffed Crust Pizza – But Not in the US

So, what’s the final verdict to the question – does Dominos have stuffed crust or not? Sadly, Domino’s national menu does not have a stuffed crust option. However, I did get a chance to try it during my brief visit to the UK, and, per usual, Domino’s did not disappoint.

An incredible mix of mozzarella, garlic, and parsley, a perfect dough-to-stuffing ratio, and the creamy mouthfeel were a fantastic addition to the already flavorful pizza. It’s such a shame they don’t make Domino’s stuffed crust here.

Why Hasn’t the Stuffed Crust Pizza Been Introduced to the US Menu Yet?

Domino’s is one of the best delivery pizzas, and for a good reason – high-quality product is its ultimate goal. They pride themselves on using only fresh ingredients, which means their doughs are always freshly made.

Some think that is precisely why US Domino’s stores don’t make the filled crust. Making it demands a lot of time – that is, if you’re not using pre-made, frozen dough. They didn’t want to lose quality or have their orders late, which is why it’s still not part of the menu.

Person taking a slice of pizza

What Crust Types Does the US Domino’s Have?

US Domino’s may not have filled crust available, but there are other kinds you can undoubtedly enjoy. What is the best Domino’s crust? For people outside of the US it would probably be Domino’s stuffed crust pizza, but as for the options available to us – it depends on personal taste. However, when ordering, you can opt for:

  • Handmade pan – thick crust made from dough that is hand-pressed into a pan,
  • Hand-tossed – made from dough that is stretched by tossing in the air; it’s thinner than handmade pan crust,
  • Crunchy Thin – thinnest of all crust types, perfectly crunchy, but still able to hold all the ingredients you have in mind,
  • Brooklyn Style – another thin and crispy type, but not as much as the previous one; you’ll be able to fold each slice and eat the way New Yorkers do,
  • Gluten-free – those on a gluten-free diet can enjoy delicious slices with this crust type made without wheat flour.

Domino’s Toppings Choices

It is a well-known fact that Domino’s offers the greatest variety of toppings among all pizza franchises. All you have to do is combine your favorite ingredients with the crust type you like and enjoy the amazing texture and flavors.

Available types and specialty pizzas differ from one store to another. However, depending on your local stores, you’ll be able to get:

SaucesMeat ingredientsNon-meat ingredientsCheese
Garlic parmesanHamBanana peppersCheddar
Robust Inspired TomatoBeefDiced tomatoesFeta
Mango HabaneroBaconBlack olivesAmerican cheese
RanchPepperoniGreen papersShredded parmesan
Hot Buffalo sauceItalian sausageMushroomsShredded provolone
Hearty MarinaraPremium chickenJalapeno peppersSliced provolone
Honey BBQSalamiOnions
Blue CheesePhilly steakPineapple
Alfredo sauceRoasted red peppers,

How to Prepare a Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza?

People often think that filled crust pizza is hard to make, so they are unwilling to give it a go. The truth is, it’s really not that hard! If you know how to make a regular dough, let me assure you – you’ll be able to make this pizza type yourself.

The easiest way to do so is using string cheese – all you have to do is roll each piece and place it at the edge of the dough. It’s perfect for creating cheese pockets, and once melted, it will provide the creamy texture you expect from a stuffed crust. Additionally, you can use shredded or cut mozzarella, but the string kind is a much easier solution for beginners.

The cheese must be tucked tightly into the dough – it’s the most important thing to remember. Fold the edges over the cheese and press tight, so they stay shut inside the crust. That is it! All that is left to do is choose the ingredients you like, bake to perfection, and enjoy.

Why Stop at Cheese?

While cheese stuffing is the most common one, you can get more creative and make completely different stuffings for an explosion of tastes. Here are some ideas for ingredients:

  • If you’re not sure whether to have a hot dog or a pizza for dinner, there’s an easy solution – add some hot dogs into the crust, and when it’s done, throw some mustard and ketchup on top.
  • As seen in Japan, you can add some fresh sea ingredients for a totally mind-blowing taste. You can use whole shrimp as the stuffing, or mix cream cheese and salmon fish roe and add it to your filling.
  • If you still want to stick to cheese, you can still upgrade the deliciousness a bit. Grate some Cheddar, mozzarella, and Parmesan, and mix them up – then, use them to stuff the crust for an explosion of tastes.
  • For some sweet and savory delight, you can try mixing some cream cheese with a cinnamon apple or cranberry and add it to the crust.
Person making a pizza dough

If You’re Looking For the Tastiest Stuffed Pizza, Try Papa John’s

If you don’t want to experiment with a homemade pizza but still want to enjoy a filled crust, go to the closest Papa John’s store. Their Epic Stuffed Crust is the best, at least when it comes to big pizza chains.

Although the invention of this crust is attributed to Pizza Hut, Papa John’s had mastered it. With the perfect combination of amazing crust texture and quality mozzarella, once you try it, there will be no crust left behind.