Does Domino’s Pizza Have Slices?

Pizza slices are one of the most popular snacks in the USA during lunch breaks, and if you are a fan of the famous fast food pizza chain Domino’s, you might be wondering while passing one of their parlors – “Does Domino’s pizza have slices?”.

To answer the question first, Domino’s does not sell their pizza by the slices in their restaurants. This is a common practice among all US fast-food pizza chains, and the reasons for refusing to sell slices have been clearly stated in the past. This is, of course, perceived as a disadvantage by many people, but enterprises like Domino’s compensate for this with an incredibly efficient delivery system.

A pizza cut into slices

You Can’t Buy a Slice of Pizza at a Domino’s Restaurant

Domino’s is without a doubt among the best fast food pizza chains in the country, with unique recipes like Chicken Taco or their interpretation of the famous Detroit-style pizza, Domino’s Pan pizza. Naturally, a person will want to stop by a Domino’s during a lunch break and buy a slice of their favorite pizza, but that isn’t possible. Although, in the past, it was possible to buy slices at Domino’s and most other pizza chains, nowadays, that practice has been almost completely removed. Occasionally, there may be an event during which Domino’s will offer slices at their parlors, but that is rare.

Fast Food Chains Like Domino’s Have Clearly Stated the Reasons Why They Refuse to Sell Slices at Their Parlors

The majority, if not all, of fast food companies do not sell pizza slices at their parlors, and people have already wondered why they don’t do it. Pretty much every CEO has stated the same, and here are the most important arguments:

  • The main argument against selling pizza slices is that restaurants wouldn’t be able to maintain the freshness of pizza. Fast food companies like Domino’s build their reputation largely on the promise of delivering a fresh pizza to your doorstep. As you might know, many pizza restaurants that offer slices are often criticized for selling stale products since these pizzas can sit around in the shop throughout the entire day if there are no customers. Domino’s CEOs are well aware of the quality of their pizzas. For example, Domino’s crust is overall fine, but once it becomes cold, it completely loses its flavor and texture. Selling such pizza would certainly damage the reputation of an enterprise like Domino’s.
  • Another strong argument is resource management. If an establishment like Domino’s was to sell pizza slices, they would need to introduce a time limit for how much a pizza can sit in the shop. After this time limit, the pizza would, of course, need to be thrown in the trash can. For companies like Domino’s who have huge numbers of restaurants, this practice would be highly detrimental to their financial status, especially when you consider the fact that Domino’s has a lot of restaurants at locations that are not that busy, and in such places, slices tend to sit idle for a long period of time.
  • Finally, they would either have to give their workers more responsibilities or hire more people since selling pizza slices entails a person interacting with customers and serving. For pizza chains like Domino’s that gain the most profit through deliveries, such a practice would probably result in a profit loss.

Domino’s is basically a wholesale pizza business, and profit comes from selling and delivering whole pizzas in different shapes and sizes. Selling a slice of pizza that costs a dollar or less would have no significant positive impact on their finances. Moreover, it will most likely negatively affect such a company.

A slice of pizza on a plate

Domino’s Main Characteristic Is Efficient Pizza Deliveries

You might think in the following way – “I can’t wait for delivery now, I’ll just hop to the nearest Domino’s and get a few slices, it won’t take more than fifteen minutes.” As mentioned, this isn’t possible, but keep in mind that if you order your pizza at Domino’s, it will be prepared in under fifteen minutes and wait for you at the parlor. Hence, there isn’t really a difference when it comes to time spent. Undoubtedly, Domino’s is considered to have one of the better delivery pizzas, and the main reason is their punctuality. Here are the options for ordering a pizza:

DeliveryThe most popular way of ordering is classic home delivery. Domino’s has implemented a rigid half-an-hour policy, and if the delivery is late, you will get a five-dollar discount for your next order. People can use either Domino’s official website or mobile application to order a pizza.
Pick-upCarside pick-up, as Domino’s has named it, means that you order a pizza and then come to the restaurant to take the order. Once you arrive, you have to notify them via the app, and an employee will come to the parking lot and give you your order.
PersonallyAlthough a bit forgotten due to the pandemic, the practice of ordering a pizza personally at the restaurant is still possible. What is more, many customers report that when ordering at the restaurant directly, you will wait for the shortest period of time when compared to the other two methods.

We Probably Aren’t Missing Much When It Comes to Domino’s Pizza Slices

Domino’s has, overall, a decent pizza, and when you order using one of the three methods above, you will receive a decent and fresh product. But, as mentioned, once it gets cold, the taste and texture become subpar, to say the least, and reheating almost always makes matters worse. Hence, you can imagine what a slice of Domino’s pizza that has sat for half a day would taste like.