Does Marco’s Have Stuffed Crust Pizza?

If you’re all about tasting yummy food like pizza is, you must have tried something from Marco’s menu. Rich Italian food served in big portions is what you get, but does Marco’s have stuffed crust pizza? If that’s what you want to try, let’s check whether heading to Marco’s is worth your time.

Marco’s doesn’t have stuffed crust pizza anymore. A few years before, you could order three cheese stuffed crust pizzas, but unfortunately, now that option is unavailable. However, its crust is handmade and more delicious than ever before, so it’s definitely worth trying.

A photo of a pizza with yellow tomato and pork ham

If you want to find out more about Marco’s pizzas and the crusts, keep on reading the following text.

Does Marco’s Have Stuffed Crust Pizza?

If you’re looking for a good and reliable Italian spot where tasting wonderful and tasty pizza and other Italian dishes is guaranteed, look no other than Marko’s. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you won’t find stuffed crust pizza there, at least not anymore.

But don’t despair! Marco’s has so many delicious options to offer its customers, and the fact that you can find its stores in almost every US state is more than many other food chains can offer. So, if you’re interested in discovering more about Marco’s delicious menu, keep reading.

Did Marco’s Have the Stuffed Crust Before?

Marco’s indeed had a stuffed crust pizza before, but now it’s out of their menu. This was a three-cheese stuffed crust pizza. It included a stuffed delicious crust with a blend of three kinds of cheese. For some reason, they gave up on offering this kind of pizza a couple of years ago, but you still can find some great options that will leave your palate in the state of heaven.

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What Pizza Types Does Marco’s Have?

Don’t give up on trying any of the pizzas from Marco’s menu because you’ll be amazed by the delicate taste you get from the finely made crust and fresh toppings. Here are some of the pizzas you just have to give a try.

  • All meat pizza – If you’re one of those people who just can’t say no to meat pizza, then you absolutely must try this delicacy. It has a thick crust with ham, bacon, Italian sausage, and pepperoni. Add Marco’s specialty – three cheese and original tomato sauce, and you get the perfect pizza.
  • Deluxe pizza – This is the ultimate pizza from Marco’s. It features Italian sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, red sauce, and the infallible three kinds of cheese. It’s my favorite slice of pizza because it has practically everything you need on this Italian dish.
  • Mushroom pizza – This pizza is super simple. While it is basically the same as plain cheese pizza, it does come with a bunch of sauteed and roasted crimini mushrooms. These certainly elevate the entire dish, highlighting their robust earthy flavors. The mushrooms are sliced and mixed into the sauce as well as the cheese, so every bite features their incredible flavor. Unlike many other pizzas with these toppings, you won’t have to worry about the ingredients falling off as soon as you take the first bite.
  • Cheese pizza – Yes, there are indeed people who don’t usually go crazy with adding toppings to the pizza. But, once you try the secret cheese blend at Marco’s, your world will completely turn around! This cheese pizza has a handmade dough and signature sauce with a slightly sweet and robust tomato flavor. It also pairs beautifully with the garlicky crust.
  • Cauliflower crust pizza – We all know how cauliflower is healthy, and if you’re looking for a version of pizza crust that has fewer carbs, this is the option for you.

What Other Products Can You Find on Marco’s Menu?

As already mentioned, Marco’s has so much to offer to people willing to try the most famous Italian dish – pizza. In fact, there are many other things you can try at Marco’s that will amaze you with the quality of ingredients and incomparable taste. So, here’s what else you can eat here.

MenuOptions you can order
Pizza bowlsAll meat and Deluxe
SubsChicken club, Italian and Steak & Cheese
SaladsChicken Caesar, Italian chef, Greek, and Garden

What Other Brands Have Stuffed Crust?

As you already know, there are other major pizza chains in the US, like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Little Caesars, and Domino’s, and all of them have stuffed crust pizza. That’s how, for example, one of the best Domino’s crusts is exactly their stuffed crust.

Of course, there are other brands that can offer you this kind of pizza, but these are some of the best and most famous brands in the US. Among them, Pizza Hut is the best one.

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Can You Prepare a Homemade Stuffed Crust?

If you’re thinking about making your own stuffed crust pizza at home, don’t worry! It’s easier than most people think. It doesn’t even matter if you know how to make pizza dough because you can easily buy the premade dough in a supermarket. Also, remember to get other necessary ingredients:

After you have gathered everything, you can start making your own Italian delicacy. The simplest method is to use string cheese. All you need to do is roll up each piece and set it along the dough’s edge. As soon as it melts, it will have the creamy texture you would expect from a stuffed crust, making it ideal for making cheese pockets. You can also use shredded or chopped mozzarella, but novices will find string mozzarella to be much simpler.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that the cheese needs to be securely nestled into the dough. To keep it sealed inside the crust, fold the edges over the cheese and press firmly. There you go! Select your preferred ingredients, bake everything to perfection, and then enjoy.

Prepared dough for pizza

Expand Your Tasting Pizza Options at Marco’s

Although you won’t find stuffed crust pizza at Marco’s, there are numerous other options on the menu that will still amaze you with the fine textures and taste. So, in my opinion, Marco’s is definitely worth visiting or ordering online.