Does Pizza Hut Still Have the Big Dipper?

Pizza Hut is dedicated to improving its pizza toppings and pizza styles on a regular basis. Apart from new additions to the menu, sometimes a blast for the past is a step in the right direction. So, they decided to bring back the Big Dipper. But does Pizza Hut still have the Big Dipper?

After a long time, Pizza Hut decided to bring back the Big Dipper pizza in 2020. It was a gigantic offering that had 24 pieces of savory deliciousness. However, it was a limited-time offer for the year 2020, and it isn’t currently on the menu.

Square pizza in a box

Is the Big Dipper Still on the Pizza Hut Menu?

The iconic pizza style known as The Pizza Hut Big Dipper was one of the fan’s all-time favorite dishes in the restaurant. The company decided to add it to its menu as a limited-edition offer in 2020. It was possible to order the dish in cheese, pepperoni, or half-half, and it was always served with four dipping sauces.

Currently, the Big Dipper is missing from the menu and cannot be ordered as dine-in, carry-out, or delivery. The company might still offer it as an exclusive dish that can be ordered only for a couple of months or the whole year, as they did in 2020.

What Made Big Dipper a Delicious Re-Release Limited-Edition Dish? 

The main charm of the pizza is that it is very big. Cut into 24 square slices, which are layered with spicy pepperoni and gooey mozzarella cheese; the Big Dipper is surely the ultimate Pizza Hut dish. The crust is doughy and fluffy, and when paired with mozzarella cheese, it creates a fantastic flavor.

The whole point of the Big Dipper is the various sauces one gets to accompany every piece. The marinara sauce has a bit of robustness from the tomato, but a hint of sweetness provides an excellent complimentary taste. The honey barbeque sauce, which is generally added to the BBQ pizza, combines well with the greasiness of the pepperoni and the crust, while the ranch sauce gives the dish a bit of tartness.

The addition of the sauces (and the size of the square Big Dipper) made the dish a fan-favorite. The company always surprises diners with various limited-edition pizzas, and the Big Dipper was the highlight of the menu in 2020. The taste, authenticity, and size contributed to re-releasing the Big Dipper.

Pizza with green and red bell peppers and cheese

Will the Big Dipper Make a Comeback Anytime Soon?

The Big Dipper was on the Pizza Hut menu in 2000. When the company decided to pull the dish from the sale, they didn’t plan on bringing it back for a number of years. But, the fans got a surprise limited-edition of the evenly sliced 24 pieces of the Big Dipper in 2016.

When the pizza chain grasped the fan’s enthusiasm and love for this style of pizza, they decided to add it to the menu in 2020 as well. But only temporarily. It isn’t known when the next surprise Big Dipper limited-edition will grace the Pizza Hut menu, but one thing is for sure – if the patrons like it, they will get it just like in 2016 and 2020.

Pepperoni pizza in a box

You Can Order the Big Dinner Box Instead Since It Is Similar to the Big Dipper

When considering the second best thing to the Big Dipper, Pizza Hut’s Big Dinner Box comes to mind. It is another limited-edition offer in 2022 that is similar to the Big Dipper in a lot of aspects. However, it is an even bigger and more exclusive order. The Big Dinner Box consists of the most popular dishes – pizza, breadsticks, and wings or pasta. Customers can also customize their orders. One can get

  • Pizza – two medium rectangular thick-crust style pizzas with mozzarella cheese and tasty pepperoni on top. The taste of the pizza matches the Big Dipper since the crust is very fluffy, and the pepperonis and mozzarella are almost the same.
  • Wings – The ideal addition instead of three different sauces is the eight mouth-watering wings that come in ten flavors. A dipping sauce is provided. The pizza slices can be dipped in the sauce as well.
  • Breadsticks – Chewy and soft on the inside but crispy on the outside, breadsticks are not a mere side dish. In every box, one will get five breadsticks along with the marinara dipping sauce.
  • Pasta – You can either order your box with pasta or wings. If you choose pasta, you can pick from a dish with creamy Alfredo sauce with grilled chicken pasta or Italian meat sauce.

Does the Taste of the Big Dinner Box Match the Big Dipper?

The most crucial aspect of the Big Dipper and the Big Dinner Box is the size. The Dinner Box has two big pizzas cut into rectangular slices. Their style is reminiscent of the pan pizzas, which is the case with the Big Dipper as well. Airy taste and doughiness are the key features of the crust. There is an overwhelming amount of spicy pepperoni that might remind one of Pizza Hut Spicy Pizza. The toppings are high-quality and fresh, while the marinara sauce that accompanies the wings can be paired with the slices too.

The Big Dipper lacks breadsticks, wings, and pasta, but these additional meals can be a significant advantage of the Big Dinner Box. The Pizza Hut wings have a light brown color. They are juicy on the inside and fairly crispy on the outside.

The breadsticks are quite tasty since they are seasoned with garlic Parmesan. The flavor is similar to Garlic Parmesan Pizza. The marinara sauce compliments the breadsticks and wings nicely. Pasta has a standard flavor but cannot be called the star dish. The Alfredo and Italian meat sauce are tasty. The entire Dinner Box is worth it since it will provide you with quality food until the Big Dipper becomes available again.

Person taking a slice of pizza

What Is the Nutritional Value of Pepperoni Pizza in the Big Dinner Box?

If you are getting ready to order the Big Dinner Box, it would be beneficial to know the nutritional value of their pepperoni pizza. If you are adamant about keeping your food intake in check, here is a table with nutrition facts to be aware of.

Serving Size1 Slice of Pepperoni Pizza
Calories From Fat100
Total Fat12g
Total Carbohydrates28g

Even Though the Big Dipper Is Now Unavailable, You Can Still Find Similar Pizza Hut Dishes

Pizza Hut may not have the Big Dipper currently but it is inevitable that the dish will make a comeback in the future like it did in 2016 and 2020. Until the marinara, ranch, and honey barbeque sauce, along with pepperoni pizza, return to the menu, one can still enjoy similar dishes such as the Big Dinner box. It has almost the same features as the Big Dipper but with additional meals such as wings, pasta, and breadsticks. The choices are limitless, so don’t hesitate to order your box.