How Are Pizza Hut Wings?

Everyone knows that chicken wings are a staple to an appetizer menu. Although they are sometimes served as the main dish, most people enjoy chicken wings at the beginning of a meal. So, how are the Pizza Hut wings? Some say the chain serves the best wings.

All of the chicken wings at Pizza Hut are deep-fried! Choose from traditional bone-in wings, breaded bone-in wings, or breaded boneless wings. In addition, choose the sauce that suits your palate. The flavor options range from plain to sweet to spicy.

This dish may not be healthy, but it sure is yummy. These wings are known for being saucy and well-cooked. And what about Pizza Hut wings flavors? They come in a wide range of flavors and portion sizes so that you can order whatever suits your needs.

How Are Pizza Hut Wings?

Pizza Hut opened its first store in Wichita, Kansas, in 1958, yet the franchise has been offering wings since 1995. Most people enjoy pairing their pizza with wings when eating at Pizza Hut. But are Pizza Hut wings good?

There are over 11,000 locations globally, while 6,000 of them are in the United States. Pizza Hut offers choices for all wing lovers.  Who doesn’t love pizza and wings?

Most Pizza Huts in the USA have at least 12 wing options on their menus. You can order a serving for yourself or a group. The sizes range from 8 to 48 pieces, and you can choose from bone-in or bone-out wings.

Undoubtedly, bone-out wings, also called Pizza Hut boneless wings, aren’t wings at all. Basically, they are chicken nuggets.

Bone-in wings account for more than 60% of wing sales in the USA. Since boneless wings are made from chicken breast, they are not as juicy as the alternative that contains bones, skin and cartilage. True chicken wing fans would never consider the boneless version a real option.

Pizza Hut serves succulent, crispy wings that you are sure to enjoy. They have the cooking time down, and their variety of sauces are mouthwatering and flavorful.

Pizza hut chicken Wings Menu – What Are the Pizza Hut Wing Flavors

Going through the Pizza Hut wings menu you’ll soon realize there is something for everyone at Pizza hut when choosing the sauce you want to be smothered on your chicken order. After all, this will decide whether you’ll be having Pizza Hut hot wings, BBQ, or other flavors you can choose. This could be one essential step in trying this meal because it can emphasize the flavor, of course, So, here are Pizza Hut wing sauces you can choose:

  • Naked (plain, no sauce)
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Spicy Garlic
  • Honey BBQ
  • Smoky Sriracha
  • Buffalo – choose the right spice for you – Mild, Medium, or Burnin’ Hot

How Much Are Pizza Hut Wings? Prices for Pizza Hut Wings

Reading all about this delicious meal, you surely want to order it right away. But first, you should know how much are wings at Pizza Hut. On average, Pizza Hut wings price is around $7 for a small order, $15 for a medium order, and $20 for a large order. However, Pizza Hut wing prices may vary depending on the location and the toppings you choose.

For example, if you add extra sauce or cheese to your chicken wings at Pizza Hut, the price will increase.

Overall, Pizza Hut wings are reasonably priced and offer a good value for your money.

How Many Wings Can You Get in a Single Order and How Much Will It Cost?

All Pizza Hut chicken wings lovers surely want to know how many wings will they be able to enjoy eating after they make the order. And, of course, what’s the Pizza Hut boneless wings price? For example, what’s the Pizza Hut wings price 12-piece? Here are the prices of Pizza Hut wings. You can also find the location closest to you and check out their menu to confirm the prices where you live.

  • 8 pieces for $6.99
  • 16 pieces for $13.49
  • 24 pieces for $18.99
  • 48 pieces for $37.98

Check the Pizza Hut Bone-in Wings Prices

Getting as much information about the Pizza Hut chicken wings price as surely is an inevitable step when planning to order this delicious meal. Their traditional bone-in wings orders come in 6, 12, 18, and 36 pieces. But, how much will each option cost? Let’s check prices for Pizza Hut traditional wings:

  • 6 pieces for $ 10.99,
  • 12 pieces for $ 21.49,
  • 18 pieces for $ 30.99,
  • 36 pieces for $ 58.99.

Wing Wednesdays

Some Pizza Huts are running a special on Wednesdays. Boneless wings cost 70 cents each, while the regular wings cost 90 cents to $1, depending on the location. The special is available all day at participating locations.

Make sure to grab Pizza Hut’s Triple Treat Box while you’re there.

How Popular Are Wings?

True Chicken Wing fans know that July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day! It is ideally placed in the summer so you can grill up your wings or cook them in the outdoor deep fryer to celebrate. But of course, ordering from Pizza Hut is the easiest and most convenient way to celebrate.

People love eating chicken wings, especially when watching sports games with friends at home. Most people prefer to order them from their favorite restaurant rather than frying them up in their kitchen. Everyone agrees that chicken wings are messy.

The Future of Pizza Hut Wings

Good news! By 2022, the chain plans to remove antibiotics used in human medicine from its wings. It is in the best interest of consumers to not ingest antibiotics when not needed, so the bacteria they kill don’t become resistant. Furthermore, this restaurant chain already uses this type of chicken on its pizzas.

If you want to try to make Pizza Hut wings at home, check out this recipe here. See for yourself if you can make them as good as the chain.

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