Domino’s Pizza vs Pizza Pizza

When you are looking to order a large meal for family pizza night, you may come back to the age-old debate of Domino’s pizza vs Pizza Pizza. Ultimately, everyone’s preferences and taste buds are different, and you are going to hear a million different answers to this question.

The general consensus in the Domino’s pizza vs Pizza Pizza debate seems to be that Domino’s pizza is a much better option because of its ample flavour and balance of ingredients. Pizza Pizza on the other hand is often known for putting too little cheese and sauce on their pizza.

However, some users prefer Pizza Pizza’s wider topping selections and side items.

We’re going to break down the differences between these two major pizza chains to make it easier to figure out which of them is best. There are countless places to get pizza out there, but these two are some of the best, and this should make for an exciting showdown.

Domino’s Pizza vs Pizza Pizza


When it comes to the Domino’s Pizza vs Pizza Pizza debate, most people will ultimately choose Domino’s. One of the main reasons is that they are known for always being fresh and hot even when you order it for delivery. This is a huge plus for them, since a lot of pizza chains tend to go gold and stale a little too quickly.


The crust is also unique and there is a nice thick crust with more than enough dough. Also, if you are into garlic, they add a pinch of garlic seasoning to their crust for that extra flavour.


As for the sauce, it has a little bit of sugar in it. Most Domino’s aficionados appreciate this, as it offers a nice salty and sweet blended flavour. There is also more than enough sauce on the pizza, which tends to be a problem for some when it comes to Pizza Pizza.


Another great benefit when it comes to Domino’s is probably their toppings. They tend to have the perfect amount of cheese on every pizza along with an even and generous number of toppings.

Also, if you are still hungry after that pizza, they also offer some trademark garlic breadsticks that generally make customers’ mouths water. They also have some cheesy, creamy garlic, and marinara dip options as well.

If you’re making pizza at home, you can use marinara sauce to make pizza.

Delivery Service

Lastly, Domino’s is well known for its quick and fast delivery. Unlike other chains, they make and deliver your food in a swift and timely manner, making sure you are not waiting too long for your delicious pizza.

Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza is one of the more common Canadian chains and if you ask most customers, they will tell you that the quality of the pizza depends on the location. In general, the freshly made pizza is thought to be amazing for a great price.

Custom Options

One of the reasons people would vote for Pizza Pizza in the Pizza Pizza vs Domino’s Pizza debate is their customizability and a wider range of options. Unlike Domino’s, there are many different toppings and custom crusts you can ask for on a pizza. Thin crust, regular, gluten-free, etc. as well as countless topping options are all at your disposal.

Side Orders

Another major appeal of Pizza Pizza is the sides. While people do enjoy Domino’s breadsticks, they are one of the only sides you can order there. However, at Pizza Pizza you can order fried cauliflower bites, chicken wings, garlic bread, fries, onion rings, and many more. Also, you really cannot forget their trademark array of dipping sauce options, which is one of their trademark features.


Finally, it is one of the chains in the city that you can find virtually anywhere in Canada with the assurance that it will be open till even 2 or 3 in the morning. Furthermore, it usually only takes about 15 minutes to make a whole pizza, meaning it will be ready in no time.


Also, if you are ever planning a party, Pizza Pizza tends to be your best for a large catered event. Since it is made so quickly and is so fairly priced with great catering package deals, it’s usually regarded as the best party pizza.


At the end of the day, the pizza you vote for in the Pizza Pizza vs Domino’s Pizza competition is going to come down to what you personally like. If you are a fan of more options in terms of size, crust, toppings, etc, then you may prefer Pizza Pizza. But if you are looking for something quick, hot, and reliably delicious, then Domino’s is going to be the pizza for you.