How Much Is the Triple Treat Box at Pizza Hut?

The “Triple Treat Box” at Pizza Hut is a special limited offer. Pizza Hut coined this special as “the gift that keeps giving” to bring ease and yummy deliciousness to your house over the holidays. When it comes to this gift, the question is, “How Much Is the Triple Treat Box at Pizza Hut?”

The Triple Treat Box at Pizza Hut costs $34.99. The Triple Treat Box includes two medium two-topping pizzas, breadsticks, eight Boneless Bites and 10 Cinnabon mini rolls.

Please note that this is an offer that comes out for the holiday season. 

The holiday season is always a busy time, with decorating, shopping, and get-togethers. Therefore, Pizza Hut releases deals to make life easier for its customers. You can always find various specials on their menu when looking for ease and convenience at a lower price.

How Much Is the Triple Treat Box at Pizza Hut?

If you were wondering about the Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box price, the Triple Treat Box full of yumminess costs $34.99 at participating Pizza Hut restaurants during the holiday season. The idea is to give its customers a way to get a fast and convenient meal in the time of all the holiday hustle and bustle with these Pizza Hut deals. 

You could even order various boxes to feed your holiday guests! Invite some friends over and order a few of these boxes!

Customers can choose contactless delivery, carryout, or curbside pick-up when ordering food at Pizza Hut. Be sure to find the Pizza Hut closest to you for an updated list of all the specials.

At this franchise, not only can you order mouthwatering pizza, but you can also choose from pasta, sides, and desserts on the menu. If you want to read about Pizza Hut Wings, click here.

What Can I Expect for the Triple Treat Box Pizza Hut Price?

Offering this holiday special on their menu is a great way to save customers from high levels of stress in the kitchen. Spending time in the kitchen preparing and cooking holiday meals is a typical scene in many homes, but it’s also sometimes very tiresome. A study has shown that more than 70% of Americans cook more than usual during the holiday season, and more than 60% are stressed because of it. So, the Triple Treat Box is kind of a stress relief and comes to the rescue when you need it the most.

This offer includes 2 medium-sized pizzas, 10 Cinnabon Mini Rolls for dessert, and their delicious breadsticks. It’s a three-course holiday meal, packed in one box, that can save you from unnecessary cooking stress.

If you’ve never tried their breadsticks before, you’re in for a treat. They are very thick, but also super soft, with the distinct flavor of a personal pan pizza. They ca be enjoyed on their own or dipped in one of Pizza Hut’s sauces.

Wing Options

When you order your Boneless Bites with this special, you get to choose what you prefer to have smothered on your wings.

How Much Do Other Pizzas Cost at Pizza Hut?

As much as we recommend the Triple Treat Box special, there are times of the year when it is unavailable. Therefore, we decided to give you the scoop on how much pizzas cost on the regular menu.

Pizza crust typeprice
Pan pizza personal$5.99
Pan pizza small $12.49
Pan pizza medium $16.99
Pan pizza large$19.99
Medium Thin $16.99
Large Thin$19.99
Medium Stuffed$20.49
Large Stuffed$23.74
Medium HomeStyle$16.99
Large HomeStyle$19.99

What Toppings Should I Get on my Triple Treat Box Special?

Without a doubt, you get to order two toppings on your pizza when you request a Triple Treat Box. What are your favorite toppings to add? Do you know what the most and least popular pizza toppings are? Read below to find out more about what people like and don’t like.

Most Popular Pizza Toppings

  1. Pepperoni,
  2. Sausage,
  3. Mushrooms,
  4. Extra cheese.

Least Popular Toppings

Note that these items are not even available on the Pizza Hut menu.

  1. Anchovies,
  2. Eggplant,
  3. Artichokes.

Do you agree with these choices? Apart from the ones listed here, would you add or subtract any from these lists?

Pizza Hut News

Although Pizza Hut’s headquarters is in Plan, Texas, there are 18,000 restaurants around the world. The first Pizza hut opened in Wichita, Kansas, in 1958. Therefore, Pizza Hut has over 60 years of pizza experience. 

There are 6,700 Pizza Hut restaurants in the USA, while Canada has about 400. Pizza Hut is in 100 countries around the world. Moreover, this chain is the largest pizza company in the world.

Some locations started using products from Beyond Meat Inc. on their menu to keep up with the times and trends. This new vegan product can also be added as a topping to other pizzas, and it is used on the following dishes. This sausage is 100% plant-based.

  • Great Beyond pizza
  • Beyond Italian Sausage Alfredo Loaded Flatbread
  • Beyond Creamy Alfredo

If you prefer ‘real’ sausage, click here to find the best sausage to use on pizzas. Maybe you prefer ‘chicken on your pizza.’ If so, click here to find out the best choice.

Pizza Is Always A Treat

If you want to learn how to rate a pizza, click here. Then you can be a food critic and share your new knowledge with your friends and family!

Have you ever had a Jersey pizza?

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