How Long Is Pizza Hut Open?

How long is Pizza Hut open? Requesting a delivery close to the closing time will cause an inconvenience for the entire staff, so every customer should know when the best time to order is. Read all about Pizza Hut’s opening and closing hours in our article.

Opening and closing hours vary from store to store. Most stores are open from 11 AM to 11 PM from Sunday to Friday and on Saturday from 11 AM to midnight. However, you should always check online and see whether that is true for your local Pizza Hut as well.

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How Long Is Pizza Hut Open?

Your local Pizza Hut store most likely doesn’t have the same opening hours as the other stores nationwide. Every store has its own policy, and the opening and closing hours vary from location to location. What you can expect from most stores is that they usually start delivering at 10 or 11 AM and till 11 PM. On Saturday, they prolong their delivery time to midnight. Some stores are open on Fridays and Saturdays till 1 AM. But, it is not advisable to order close to the closing time since the majority of the staff is preparing to leave the store and the only one that is left is the driver.

How to Find Out When Your Local Pizza Hut Is Open?

There is a simple and convenient way you can use to find out whether your local Pizza Hut delivers to a specific location and when the opening hours are. By entering a postcode in the special search tool called “Find my Hut” on the Pizza Hut website, you can find out all the necessary information about your store. This option allows you to research where the closest dine-in restaurant is and when you can order and what the carry-our hours are.

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Are You Having Difficulty Finding a Store Near You? Let Us Help You

If you’ve failed multiple times at finding a store near you that you can order a delivery from, don’t worry. We’ll help you find one and have a big Garlic Parmesan Pizza quickly on your way if you cannot locate it with the “Find My Hut” option.

The first option is to utilize Google Maps. It is a powerful way to find any facility you desire, and restaurants are featured on the map as well. Type in your state and city, then search for restaurants in the area. It will be easy to notice Pizza Hut, and you can check whether the information is legit by clicking on the images of the location.

The second option is to download the Pizza Hut application. The only thing one needs to do is type in an address, and nearby stores will appear.

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When Is the Best Time to Request an Order From Pizza Hut?

Follow the most important rule – don’t order right after the store opens or right before the store closes. This is generally a huge no-no. It’s possible that you won’t get to enjoy a piping hot BBQ pizza or a delicious Spicy Pizza Hut pizza.

It’s best to place an order during the store’s peak time. Around lunchtime and dinner time is when the store is the busiest, and they will have many tasty specials right out of the pizza oven. Another great tip is that you can request your delivery to arrive later in the day or for the meal to be ready for collection a couple of hours after you’ve placed an order. Make sure to find the option on the application or website, “Can I order for later?”.

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Is Pizza Hut Open on Holidays?

The majority of stores across the USA are open on most holidays. These national holidays include:

  • New Year’s Day,
  • New Year’s Eve,
  • Easter Monday,
  • Independence Day (4th of July),
  • Halloween,
  • Black Friday,
  • Good Friday,
  • Memorial Day.

The only exceptions are Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, and Thanksgiving. On Christmas Eve, a lot of stores will close early. Check with your local Pizza hut whether they might open for a few hours during Christmas Day and Easter Sunday or they might keep the doors closed for the entire day.

Does Pizza Hut Serve Special Dishes for Christmas?

Even though most customers won’t have the opportunity to order anything from the store on Christmas Day, they won’t be left high and dry. Recently, the company introduced a new dish on the menu for Christmas. It is called Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box.

When the holiday season starts approaching, and most customers are aware that the stores will be closed for a little while, they can indulge in medium-sized pizzas with one topping prepared for the purpose of celebrating Christmas with customers. One can customize the crust and pick a topping. The box features mouthwatering cheese sticks, tasty breadsticks, and ten cinnamon rolls.

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What Prices Can You Expect When Ordering From Pizza Hut?

Once you check when your local store is open and when the best time to place an order is, you should find out what type of meals you can get for a specific price. We’ll help you with our table of different prices, so you can know how much your order will cost approximately in advance.

Pepperoni Lover’s PizzaMedium$11.99
Pepperoni Lover’s PizzaLarge$14.99
Meat Lover’s PizzaMedium$11.99
Meat Lover’s PizzaLarge$14.99
Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Stuffed Crust)Large$16.99
Veggie Lover’s Pizza (Stuffed Crust)Large$16.99
Chicken Supreme Pizza (Thin N Crispy)Medium$12.99
Chicken Supreme Pizza (Thin N Crispy)Large$15.99
New Primo Meat Pizza (Pan Pizza)Personal$4.79

Ready to Order Once You Know Opening Hours and Prices?

Are you looking for an authentic and great restaurant where you can order different delicious pizzas? Pizza Hut is a place where you can customize your own dish and pick various pizza recipes from the menu. Most stores are open from 11 AM to 11 PM on work days, while they might be open till midnight on Saturdays. However, each store is different, and you should first check online whether these opening hours are the same for your location as well. Order a dish from Pizza Hut, and you won’t regret it.