How Popular Is Cheese Pizza?

Pizza tops the list as the most loved dish in the world. The easy and tasty meal is a great option for the whole family to enjoy at the dinner table or order in the finest pizzerias. One can choose between various types, from pies layered with pepperoni to different kinds of cheeses or even pineapple. So, how popular is cheese pizza?

According to the National Cheese Pizza Day Foundation’s study, about 78% of Americans love to eat cheese pizza. It can be concluded that a cheese pizza is one of the ultimate pizza varieties for a lot of Americans.

Person lifting a slice of cheese pizza

How Popular is Cheese Pizza?

Since we’ll be basing our conclusions on the findings of the National Cheese Pizza Day Foundation, our final verdict is that cheese pizza is popular all over the world, but it is one of the favorite dishes among Americans. As many as 78% of Americans said that they enjoy eating cheese pizzas.

What makes the dish so popular is that it can be prepared easily, and it doesn’t require a lot of skill or time. All the ingredients are readily available for this classic dish. Even though it is a quick meal one can enjoy as an occasional snack, it can also be a hearty dish that will prepare you to tackle the day.

Testament to The Cheese Pizza Popularity – The Existence Of National Cheese Pizza Day

Every year, approximately 2 billion pounds of delicious cheese pizza is prepared just in the USA. For this reason, there is a National Cheese Pizza Day devoted to the favorite cheesy dish. Every September 5th, the famous pizza holiday marks the existence of a cheese pizza.

If you want to celebrate the existence of the meal, prepare a crispy crust that will be topped with mozzarella, cheddar, gouda, ricotta, and other cheeses you’d like. Organize a party and have a tasty meal together with friends.

What is more, a cheese pizza is not the only variety that has its own national holiday. There are other pizza celebrations to look forward to.

Name of the holidayDate of the holiday
National Pizza Pie DayThe 9th of February
National Deep Dish Pizza DayThe 5th of April
National Pepperoni Pizza DayThe 20th of September
National Sausage Pizza DayThe 20th of October

Do Most People Order Cheese Pizza Rather Than Other Varieties?

Since pizza can contain spicy pepperoni, vegetables, sausages, mushrooms, the finest ham, and juicy beef – people can order different styles according to their taste. However, do most people opt for cheese pizza that is devoid of additional meat or vegetable toppings?

According to the study conducted by the Culinary Visions Panel, 71 percent of people would rather choose a cheese pizza as their favorite dish, while 76 percent of people would rather eat a meal with meat toppings. Their choice of best cheeses was mozzarella and parmesan.

Cheese pizza on a wooden board

What Types Of Cheese Should A Cheese Pizza Contain?

A cheese pizza cannot be made without mozzarella. It provides the dish with stretchiness and a delectable flavor. Apart from mozzarella, it should be layered with cheddar as well. It adds a sharpness and saltiness. The third kind of cheese it should contain is smoked provolone which can make the meal stand out because of its subtle flavor and creaminess. Apart from these three varieties, the pizza will be complete with a little bit of parmesan and goat cheese on top.

Cheese pizza on a wooden board

Can You Order A Cheese Pizza At Pizza Hut?

One of the fan favorite and standard classics on the Pizza Hut menu is a cheese pizza. One can choose to order it with different types of crust such as:

  • Hand-Tossed,
  • Pan Pizza,
  • Thin ‘N Crispy,
  • Stuffed Crust,
  • Skinny Slice.

It can be ordered in two sizes, medium and large. A medium-sized cheese pizza costs $11.99, and a large-sized cheese pizza costs $14.99. In case you want to have a cheese pizza made according to the classic recipe at Pizza Hut, you can also choose Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza which can be prepared with different crusts as well.

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Can You Order A Cheese Pizza At Little Caesars?

Unlike Pizza Hut, Little Caesars has only one variety of cheese pizzas that can be purchased only as a large. But, the advantage of Little Caesars is the fact that their cheese pizza is a part of the Hot N’ Ready menu. It is very cheap – one can order it for just $6.00. Their dish is topped with melting gooey mozzarella and Muenster cheese. The combination of these kinds of cheeses makes the meal worth it.

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Can You Order A Cheese Pizza At Domino’s?

Similar to Pizza Hut, Domino’s extended its menu with cheese pizzas to include various crusts you can choose from. The offer is slightly different from Pizza Hut since, at Domino’s, one can get a cheese pizza with:

  • Hand-Tossed Crust,
  • Handmade Pan Crust,
  • Crunchy Thin Crust,
  • Brooklyn Style Crust,
  • Gluten-Free Crust.

Another advantage of Domino’s pizzas is the price as well as the size of the dishes. One can either get a medium, small, or large pizza. The prices are lower than at Pizza Hut since medium-sized pizzas cost $7.99, small-sized pizzas cost $5.99, and large-sized pizzas cost $9.99.

Cheese pizza on a plate

Order The Most Popular Pizza Today

The popularity of Cheese pizzas shouldn’t be underestimated. A whopping 78% of Americans have stated that it’s one of their favorite meals in the study by the National Cheese Pizza Day Foundation. The fact that there is a National Cheese Pizza Day should speak for itself. So, if you are craving a delicious piping hot cheesy dish, order one from Domino’s, Little Caesars, or Pizza Hut. In case you want to make one at home, you only need mozzarella, provolone, goat cheese, cheddar, and parmesan to make a perfect cheese pizza.