How to Get a 5.99 Pizza From Domino’s

Being one of the best available fast food pizza deals, it is no surprise that many people are wondering how to get a 5.99 pizza from Domino’s.

Domino’s 5.99 deal is still available in any Domino’s pizza parlor, but you can also use Domino’s smartphone app to order either delivery or carry-out. Furthermore, by using the app, you will be able to get points and coupons which can lower the price or even get you a free pizza.

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The 5.99 Deal Is Still Available in Every Domino’s Outlet

Known as one of the most affordable fast food deals in the country, the 5.99 Mix and Match offer is still a popular choice among kids and adults. You can order the 5.99 in one of the following three ways:

  • You can go to your nearest Domino’s outlet and order in person,
  • You can order delivery but bear in mind that you will have to pay an additional dollar for this service,
  • You can order carry-out via Domino’s phone app. That means you just come to the parlor and pick up your order.

Pizza Combinations Are the Most Popular Choices, but There Are Other Choices for the 5.99 Deal as Well

Domino’s is a fast-food chain known primarily for their affordable pizzas (especially the innovative ones, like the cheeseburger pizza or the chicken taco pizza,) but they have other types of fast food dishes as well. Here is what the 5.99 offer includes.

PizzasWith the 5.99 Mix and Match deal, you have the option to order two medium pizzas with two toppings (any pizzas from the menu that have medium-size options are available). You can also choose one of the different Domino’s crusts.
BreadBread is a popular Domino’s side dish. There are a lot of different ones available, and some of the most popular ones are garlic bread twists, stuffed cheesy bread with bacon and jalapeno, and parmesan bread twists.
ChickenChicken dishes have become popular Domino’s additions, and some of the most popular ones available in the 5.99 deal are sweet barbecue bacon, classic hot buffalo, and garlic parmesan wings.
SandwichesMost of the traditional American sandwiches are available in Domino’s, and the 5.99 deal includes items like Philly cheese steak, Buffalo chicken, and chicken parm.
PastaItalian sausage marinara, chicken carbonara, and chicken alfredo are some of the most popular pasta dishes that can be ordered with the 5.99 deal.
SaladsSalads are not so popular in Domino’s, but you can still choose between chicken caesar and classic garden.
DessertsOptions for desserts are also limited when it comes to the 5.99 deal, but you can order chocolate lava cakes, marbled cookie brownies, or cinnamon bread twists.

If You Are Using the Domino’s App, There Is a Chance That There Are Enough Points to Get the 5.99 Deal for Free

People who are frequently ordering food from Domino’s are doing it through their app nowadays (some outlets don’t even have the option to order by calling them anymore). The thing is, for each order that costs at least ten dollars, you will get ten points on your app. Each article on Domino’s menu is worth a certain amount of points, and the 5.99 deal is included as well. So, don’t forget to check how many points you have accumulated.

You Can Also Get Coupon Codes When Using the Domino’s App

Domino’s frequently introduces some special offers and prizes so, for example, there will be a period of time (usually it lasts for a week) where you will receive promo codes when you order something via their app. These promo codes are used for discounts (they usually range from 20% to 50%,) and can also be applied to the 5.99 deals. Finally, in chains like Walmart, which has established a partnership with Domino’s, you can buy gift cards for pizzas.

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Domino’s 5.99 Deals Will Never Go Out of Fashion

If you are looking for an oven-baked, juicy pizza, you should probably make your own pizza dough or go to some fancy restaurant. However, if you are looking for something quick and affordable that has a decent taste, Domino’s 5.99 deals are perfect choices. They are still going strong among all generations.