Pizza Pizza vs Little Caesars

In the USA, Little Caesars owns the trademark Pizza! Pizza! Yet in Canada, there is another restaurant chain called Pizza Pizza which opened in 1967 in Toronto. Despite this coincidence, the two companies aren’t related. In today’s article, we’re going to compare Pizza Pizza and Little Caesars.

The main difference between Pizza Pizza and Little Caesars is that Pizza Pizza has a wider range of pizza sizes available. On the other hand, Little Caesars has more affordable pizzas, which is why they are the preferred choice for many people.

No matter where you order from, having pizza is always an excellent decision. USD 45 billion is spent on pizza annually in the USA, while Canadians spend CAD 458 million.

Many families make pizza night a weekly routine. Everyone is always ready to share a pie with their family or friends.

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Pizza Pizza vs Little Caesars

Due to their fast-style service, people refer to both these chains as convenient. Typically quality is not as high for low-budget food options, but that doesn’t mean the pizza isn’t a good option for a quick dinner.

Fast, easy and cheap meals are always a win-win situation.

Pizza Pizza has 750 locations throughout Canada. The company has not yet expanded internationally. 

Little Caesars has its hot Hot-N-Ready Pizza options available from 4 – 8 pm. This chain makes both its dough and sauce in-house to save money. Yet we all know that everything homemade is better, so they have that going for them! 

Little Caesars ranked as the healthiest American fast-food restaurant in a study done by HealthyBeat by having an average meal come in at about 300 calories.

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Pizza Pizza & Little Caesars: Where Are they Located?

Pizza Pizza, a quick-service pizza joint, has its headquarters in Toronto. Most of their restaurants are in Ontario. There are some in Quebec, Nova Scotia and the western part of the country. 

However, most of the Pizza Pizza locations in western Canada are opened under the Alberta-based name Pizza 73. There are 89 Pizza 73 places in Alberta.

In the United States, Little Caesars is the 3rd rated pizza restaurant chain, right under Dominos and Pizza Hut. This company has locations in the USA and Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. 

There are over 4,300 Little Caesars sites in 18 global markets. Back in 1959, the first Little Caesars opened in Garden City, Michigan.

Pizza Pizza vs Little Caesars Price Comparisons

Note Pizza Pizza prices from CostFinderCanada.

Pizza sizePrice in Canadian $
Small Pepperoni$9.99
Medium Pepperoni$10.99
Large Pepperoni$13.29
X-Large Pepperoni$16.69

Here are Little Caesars’ regular pizza prices. The company has based its business model focusing more on carryout service than in-house dining and pizza delivery than others in the market.

Pizza sizePrice in US $
Hot-N-Ready Large PepperoniOr choose from cheese or sausage fpr the same price. $6
Large Specialty $8
DEEP! DEEP! DishFrom $8 to $9.99
Large Bacon Wrapped CrustDEEP! DEEP! Dish$12

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Delivery Apps Make Everything Easier

Delivery apps are big business nowadays. It is estimated that in 2023, the revenue for this industry will come in close to $28 billion in 2021. Ordering food is flawless with these convenient methods.

What makes a delivery app suitable? Developers can add many features to this service. 

Things to consider include easy payment options, social media integration, Real-Time GPS tracking of your order, and push notification to advise you of hours of operation. Additionally, discount programs, like the “Uber Eats Pass” and loyalty programs retain customers.

  • Doordash
  • Uber Eats
  • GrubHub
  • SkipTheDishes (Canada only)
  • Tim Hortons (Canada only)

What Makes a Good Pizza?

Let’s break down what makes an excellent pizza. Take the following into consideration when rating a pizza.

  1. The crust is the base of the pizza. There are many types of crusts, and their taste and texture can vary. Crispy on the outside while fluffy and chewy on the inside may be what you prefer. No one wants a soggy crust. Some prefer a pan crust while others like a thin crispy crust. 
  2. A good red sauce is essential. Do you know if tomato sauce is pizza sauce?
  3. 100% real cheese is a MUST. Mozzarella is the number-one pick, yet some people like to add gouda, cheddar, goat, Parmesan, Romano, or ricotta.
  4. Are the toppings dispersed evenly? Did they skimp on the toppings, or is there a generous portion?

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