How Much Is Cicis Pizza?

No matter if you dine-in or order take-out, you can enjoy Cicis pizza. The price varies, so read on to answer the question ‘how much is Cicis pizza?’ Decide if you are up for the all-you-can-eat buffet option or if you prefer to stay home and order your meal. Either way, various options await you.

The base price of Cicis Pizza, which includes the crust and cheese, for a medium is $4.74, for a large is $6.74, and for a giant is $9.49. The highest-priced pizza on the menu is under $14.

Cicis is an excellent choice, especially for large families or groups of kids to dine together. Not only can you find the old standbys, but also a ton of specialty toppings so everyone can enjoy their favorite pizza.

Why is Cicis pizza so cheap? Cicis Pizza is so cheap because they use a “buffet style” approach, allowing customers to fill up their plates with as much pizza as they want. This allows Cicis to offer a low price for unlimited pizza, and also helps them reduce food waste since customers can choose only the slices they want to eat. Additionally, Cicis buys their ingredients in bulk, which helps them keep their costs low.

How Much Is Cicis Pizza?

With 297 Cicis locations in the United States, find out where the closest one to you is here. The chain is located in 24 states, with 46% of them in Texas. 

Traditional pizzas at Cicis are topped with tomato sauce and 100% real cheese. Also, the crust is brushed with garlic butter for extra flavor.

Pizza Price Breakdown by Size

Size (cheese pizza only)Price 
Medium pizza (8 slices)$4.74
Large pizza (10 slices)$6.74
Giant pizza (12 slices)$9.49

Pizza Price Breakdown by Type

Hawaiian / Buffalo Chicken / Spinach Alfredo / Alfredo / Mac & Cheese / BBQ Pork / Zesty PepperoniPrice 
Medium pizza$6.99
Large pizza$8.99
Giant pizza$11.99
Classic Chicken / BBQ Chicken / Zesty Ham & Cheddar / Chicken Bacon ClubPrice 
Medium pizza$7.99
Large pizza$9.99
Giant pizza$12.99
Meat Eater / Supreme / Veggie / Zesty VeggiePrice 
Medium pizza$8.99
Large pizza$10.99
Giant pizza$13.99

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Cicis Specialty Pizza Ingredient List

If you prefer a more flavorful pizza, check out the toppings that come on the most popular specialty pizzas at Cicis. It will probably be difficult to pick a favorite!

Meat Eater

  • sausage
  • pepperoni
  • ham
  • beef


  • pepperoni
  • sausage
  • beef
  • mushrooms
  • green peppers
  • red onions


  • ham
  • pineapple


  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • black olives
  • red onions
  • green peppers

The list doesn’t end here. Cicis has various recipes they share with their customers every day. You can order a Buffalo chicken, spinach Alfredo or plain Alfredo pizza. Apart from this, the BBQ chicken and BBQ pork have a tangy honey BBQ sauce.

Cicis Pizza also has pizza options that substitute traditional pizza sauce with a zesty Parmesan Ranch. These options include zesty ham and cheddar, classic chicken, zesty pepperoni pizza, and zesty vegetable pizza. 

Are you ready to try one of the white pizzas? Or do you prefer tomato sauce on yours? If you dine-in at the buffet, you can have a slice of each kind!

Cicis Pizza Buffet

Cicis buffet is an excellent deal for those with a big appetite or lots of growing kids. Eat all the pizza, pasta, salad and desserts that you desire for one low price. Wings are not included in this low buffet price. 

  • Adults: $6.99
  • Kids: $3.99

If you are trying to be conscious about your calorie intake, one slice of Cicis cheese pizza contains 100 calories. Enjoy Cicis Pizza seven days a week. Cicis is the perfect place to take your kids’ sports teams to celebrate after a big win!

If you want to test the all-you-can-eat policy, be aware that you can be asked to leave if you eat more than the ‘unlimited number’ proposed by the company. After eating 22 slices in 45 minutes, people have been told that they had reached the limit they were allowed.

The Cost of Some Cicis Pizza Deals

Cicis always offers deals on their menu. For example, you may order an Ultimate Giant Pepperoni Pizza for $13.99 and add either cheesy bread or cinnamon rolls for $18.99. 

Suppose you can’t decide on the side, no worries. You can get both for just $23.99. All deals are subject to change depending on location and time of year.

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