Ayo Pizza Review (Chicago)

Launching a shop in November 2021, the Ayo team wanted to create a dope pizzeria, café, and bodega for all Chicagoans to enjoy. Judging by many satisfied customers who soon became regulars, it’s clear that Ayo made their wish a reality. But why do customers find Ayo pizza so enjoyable?

The Ayo team has created a unique menu. It’s not overfilled but contains a little bit of everything for everyone. No matter which pizza type you decide to order, you’ll be met with delicious taste. It stands on a bit more expensive side, but flavorful food, excellent services, and a welcoming atmosphere more than make up for it.

Pizza topped with cheese, mushrooms, and vegetables

Are you considering grabbing a quick bite next time you pass Lincoln Park? If you’re not sure if it’s the right call, let this review help you decide.

Is Ayo Pizza For You?

Ayo Pizza Cafe & Shop is an independent store perfect for those who want to experience something different than ordinary pizza chains and same-old flavors. If you’re not opposed to spending a little bit more money on a delicious pizza slice or your favorite coffee, you’ll soon grow to love everything this place offers.

If you live near Lincoln Park or pass by the area often, don’t miss visiting the newly-opened Ayo Pizza place. With delicious bites and coffee flavors on the one hand and kind and capable staff on the other, it can soon become your new favorite place.

Person preparing a pizza

What Do We Like About Ayo Pizza?

Ayo Caf&Shop has plenty of upsides to look forward to.

Ayo Pizza Menu is unique, which you can see even from how pizzas were named (The Lil’ Ava, The Marg, The Good Pineapple, and so on). You can also opt for making your own pizza.

Ayo shop offers a variety of meat-free pizzas, which you can order for takeout or dine-in. However, we highly recommend the dine-in option if you wish to experience a unique and lively atmosphere.

Aside from great food, freshness, and high-quality ingredients, this palace offers excellent customer service, with quick and friendly staff ready to help.

The place itself is really warm and inviting, perfect for any kind of date you have. It’s also excellent if you simply need a comfortable space to work and write.

Besides pizza, you’re able to order other flavorful bites every day, such as pastries(until supply runs out), or purchase your favorite type of coffee: mocha, light latte, or classic cappuccino.

Person taking a pizza slice

What We Don’t Like About Ayo Pizza

Of course, nothing comes perfect, and neither does Ayo pizza. Although quite tasteful, the pizza dough the Ayo team makes is flat and thin, while pizzas, in general, are on the lighter side, which can be a problem for those who like a thicker crust.

Depending on the delivery partner, there may not be a delivery option available for the place where you live, which can be a significant inconvenience.

Additionally, not all items on the menu taste equally good, and prices may be too much for some. The current price for the smallest pizza available (14 inches) goes between $19 and $23, which is much more than what you would pay for Pizza Hut or Domino’s pizza.

Pros & Cons

High-quality ingredientsVery thin crust
Excellent tasteHigh prices
Exceptional servicePossible delivery issues
Authentic menu
Plenty of vegetarian pizza options
A lively and welcoming atmosphere
Possibility of ordering other goods, such as coffee, pastries, or subs

What’s Included In the Ayo Pizza Menu?

As we mentioned, the Ayo pizza menu is unlike the others you are used to. Once you decide to try it out, you’ll be able to order:

  • The Lil’ Ava, aka cheese pizza, with tomato sauce and mozzarella,
  • The Chicago Classic, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, roasted red pepper, caramelized onion, cherry pepper relish, and sausage,
  • The Marg, with tomato, sun-dried tomato, basil, and sweet ricotta,
  • Ayo Supreme, with pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, mushroom, onion, and black olive,
  • Veggie Style, with mushroom, roasted red pepper, marinated zucchini, and black olive,
  • Ayo, It’s Vegan, with mushroom, Beyond sausage, roasted red pepper, grilled onion, and cherry pepper relish,
  • Ayo, Meats, with pepperoni, sausage, and smoked bacon,
  • BBQ chicken, with chicken, BBQ sauce, green pepper, mushroom, and red onion,
  • The Good Pineapple, with pineapple, Canadian bacon, and smoked bacon.

Ayo shop also offers the possibility of making your own pizza with your own sauce, protein, and veggies combination. Here are current topping options:

  • Protein – pepperoni, sausage, smoked bacon, Canadian bacon, chicken or vegan sauce,
  • Veggies – Roma tomato, garlic, cherry pepper relish, roasted red pepper, pineapple, mushroom, green pepper, onion, green onion, banana pepper, tomato, jalapeno, zucchini, black olive,
  • Sauce – white or red.

What Are the Best Pizza Items Ayo Pizza Cafe & Shop Offers?

As you can see, Ayo offers plenty to choose from, from basic to truly authentic pizza topping combinations.

If you want to enjoy the best form of Ayo pizza, we suggest you go with veggie options. Unique combinations of fresh veggies toppings and perfectly baked crust undoubtedly make you want to return for more.

On the other hand, while still pretty tasty, meat pizzas may not be as greasy and heavy as you’ve come to expect. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy them, just that they may not be what you’re used to.

Pizza topped with tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce, and olives


  • Different-size pizza slices, from 14 to 18 inches.
  • Various flavorful pizza types, including meat and vegetable ones,
  • Possibility of making your own pizza,
  • Fresh toppings made from quality ingredients,
  • Thin crust,
  • Both dine-in and pizza delivery options – delivery services they partner with are UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub, 
  • The uniqueness that is evident in the atmosphere, decor, and meals served,
  • Friendly space,
  • Catering service.

Since it is a relatively new shop, there is a lot more to expect from this pizza place/coffee store/bakery. However, it certainly shows significant potential and complements the neighborhood quite nicely. Therefore, If you’re looking for a cool environment and an interesting menu with numerous delicious pizzas to choose from, we suggest you try Ayo shop.

Round pizza on the plate

Final Breakdown


Ayo pizzas are delicious, but so are my pizzas in Chicago. What separates this shop from others is its authenticity, perfect mix of American and Italian, and atmosphere to which you’ll want to come back.

However, although tasteful, these pizzas are a bit overpriced, which can draw away many potential customers. However, if you’re up for spending a little bit more, an exceptional eating experience is guaranteed. Therefore, when you’re in the neighborhood, make sure you give it a try and see what the fuss is all about.