Best Pizza Wings

After ordering mozzarella or barbeque pizzas multiple times, one desires to experience something new when ordering their favorite food. There is no better way to upgrade your pizza than ordering juicy wings on the side. But what chain has the best wings?

The best pizza wings variety can be found at Domino’s since their menu offers a lot of different flavors and sauces. They come in four sizes and are oven-baked to perfection. The taste is superb, making Domino’s wings the best. Apart from Domino’s, one can get mouth-watering wings at Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Marco’s, and Little Caesars.

Pizzas and wings on the side

If you are on the search for the pizza chain with the best wings, read this article which will provide you with authentic information and reviews of some of the most popular restaurants with delicious chicken meat. The details provided here will help you decide what restaurant is perfect for you.

Domino’s Serves Some of the Best Pizza Wings – What’s the Catch?

Domino’s pizzas are highly rated all over the world. Apart from an array of different types of pizzas, the chain offers plenty of choices when it comes to their appetizing wings. Here is a list of their flavorful wings:

  • Hot Buffalo,
  • Mild Buffalo,
  • Honey BBQ,
  • Mango Habanero,
  • Garlic Parmesan,
  • Plain.

Customers who crave chicken wings can choose between three flavors. They are lightly breaded and baked. The sizzling oven-baked chicken wings can be served as 8-piece, 10-piece, 16-piece, or 32-piece orders.

The buffalo wings are exceptional. They are not covered in breadcrumbs; the coating is only prepared with butter and cayenne pepper hot sauce. Another option is barbeque wings. Their uniqueness lies in the smoky and savory flavor.

Plain wings are tasty, even without any sauce on the side. However, when eaten with sweet and sticky mango habanero sauce, the dish surpasses all expectations.

Seasoned chicken wings

Pizza Hut’s Meaty Chicken Wings Are Worth Your Time

Pizza Hut’s reputation rests mainly on its specialty pizzas, such as Spicy Lover’s Pizza, Edge Pizza, and BBQ Pizzas. They have nearly 20,000 restaurants around the world. Their main goal is to offer new tasty dishes to their customers. This is why they attempted to make top-tier chicken wings. When combined with one of their delicious pizzas, you can get a delicious meal for a very affordable price.

There are 12 different options on the menu. One can opt for a bone-out or bone-in wing as well as servings from 8 to 48 pieces. The best thing about eating at Pizza Hut is the toppings. You can have the meal with sweet chili, honey sriracha, garlic parmesan, or honey. When ordering buffalo wings, you can expect to be served mild, medium, or hot.

The main upside of Pizza Hut is the meatiness of each wing. They are juicy from every side, and the skin is crispy. When paired with Pizza Hut’s sauce, the flavor is truly fantastic.

How Affordable Are Pizza Hut’s Wings? Here Are Their Prices

The prices depend on the type and size of your order. You can choose to have a serving with eight, sixteen, twenty-four, and forty-eight pieces. One can even customize their meal with different sauces. Here is a chart with all the prices.

Order8-piece price16-piece price24-piece price48-piece price
Buffalo – Burnin’ Hot Mild or Medium (Crispy Bone-In or Traditional)$6.99$13.49$18.99$37.98
Buffalo – Burnin’ Hot Mild or Medium (Crispy Bone-Out)$6.49$12.49$17.99$35.98
Spicy – Spicy BBQ or Honey Sriracha (Crispy Bone-In or Traditional)$6.99$13.49$18.99$37.98
Spicy – Spicy BBQ or Honey Sriracha (Crispy Bone-Out)$6.49$12.49$17.99$35.98
Saucy – Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, or Sweet Chili (Crispy Bone-In or Traditional)$6.99$13.49$18.99$37.98
Saucy – Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, or Sweet Chili (Crispy Bone-Out)$6.49$12.49$17.99$35.98
Naked (Crispy Bone-In or Traditional)$6.99$12.49$17.99$35.98
Naked (Crispy Bone-Out)$6.49$12.49$17.99$35.98

Many People Rate Papa John’s Boneless Wings as the Best

Apart from delicious Papa John’s pizzas, their boneless wings, better known as popcorn chicken, are considered to be top-quality. They are high in demand. Our tips when ordering at Papa John’s are to ask for plain poppers and request garlic parmesan butter to be added. Each wing is breaded and can be eaten with a variety of sauces, from honey and barbecue to chipotle and sweet chili.

It has to emphasize that in comparison with other food chains, Papa John’s pieces of chicken are a bigger size. They are not too crisp and dry but rather juicy and sweet. The only downside of Papa John’s menu is the competitive pricing. However, the quality of the meals is worth the additional spending.

Buffalo wings

Get Tasty Pizzas and Delicious Wings at Little Caesars

Craving a fresh and tasty chicken wing? Little Caesars serves great pieces of chicken with the bone still in and coated in breadcrumbs. With a little bit of their hot buffalo sauce, the meal can be perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a tasty dish. You can have garlic parmesan, plain oven-roasted, buffalo, and BBQ meal.

In order to have the opportunity to try this tasty dish, you have to know when to purchase them. They are prepared ”hot ‘n’ ready.” You should know that they are cooked even before they are ordered by anyone. They wait for the customer to collect them in a plastic container. However, if you time your order right, the dish will be exceptional as well as affordable.

What Are Little Caesars Advantages?

Even though one might be suspicious of Little Caesars for their ”hot ‘n’ ready” policy, there are advantages to their chicken pieces that cannot be overlooked. They are generous with their sauces, and their method of saucing is great – they come with a good amount of spice. There is a significant flavor of black pepper, and the chicken is reasonably hot, juicy, and moist. You can expect to have a bit of sauce left at the bottom of the container once you’re finished.

A marinated fried chicken wing

Interested in Something Different? Try Marco’s Wings, and You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised by the Taste

Marco’s restaurant has everything from mouth-watering pizzas, subs, and salads to wings and brownies. It was ranked as America’s Favorite Pizza Company in 2012. Their wings can be plain, tangy, BBQ, lemon pepper, sweet chili pepper, and hot, and one can get savings with 10 or 15 pieces.

Their strongest aspect is the different types of dressings and sauces one can opt for. There are pizza sauces, ranch, jalapeno ranch, jalapeno, banana pepper, blue cheese, sweet chili pepper, and hot sauce. The combinations are limitless and can be tailored to your preferences. If you want to experiment with your meal and explore something different, Marco’s is the place to go.

Have You Made Your Choice Yet?

When looking for the pizza chain with the best wings, take into consideration the types of sauces that are offered, the quality of the meat, pricing, and the method of preparation. Decide on what aspects you think are the most important to you and base your decision on that. For meaty chicken, visit Pizza Hut. If you are searching for a variety of combinations and sauces, go to Marco’s. The unique menu can be found at Domino’s, while at Papa John’s and Little Caesars buying pizzas and meat on the side would make a perfect meal.