Does Walmart Have Domino’s Pizza?

While walking through Walmart’s huge store, you might have seen, in the past, McDonald’s outlets in the building. So if you like pizza and go to Walmart often, it’s natural to ask – does Walmart have Domino’s pizza?

Domino’s pizza restaurant chain opened its first outlets in Walmart stores in 2021 (the first outlet was opened in Upstate New York, East Syracuse Walmart). These outlets don’t differ from the regular ones in your neighborhood, and you can enjoy your favorite Domino’s dishes while shopping at Walmart.

Slices of pizza

Domino’s and Walmart Have Established a Partnership Recently

In-store restaurants have become popular additions to all big chains like Walmart. After all, explori

ng such big stores can sometimes take more than half a day. As of 2021, besides getting a pizza stone or some frozen dough, you are able to enjoy cheeseburger pizza or any other Domino’s recipe you like in one of Walmart’s huge stores.

Walmart is known for having an established partnership with a lot of food chains (precisely twelve,) and Domino’s has come as a substitution for McDonald’s (although you can still enjoy burgers in Wendy’s, for example, while shopping).

In-Store Outlets Function in the Same Way as Their Regular Pizza Parlors

If you are shopping in Walmart and suddenly notice that you are in a mood for some Domino’s chicken taco pizza, you will be able to order in a few different ways.

Visit the outletAs in their regular pizza parlors in your neighborhood, you can go personally to the Domino’s outlet in Walmart and order anything you like.
Use the Domino’s appWhile shopping in Walmart, you can use the Domino’s app to order. You will just have to choose the appropriate location (the address of the Walmart). You will be notified once the order is prepared, and you can take a break from shopping
DeliveryDomino’s in Walmart have delivery options like all their other pizza parlors, which you can call or use the app from the comfort of your home.
Carry-outIf you are driving and want to pick up an order, you will have the carry-out option. Once you are close to Walmart, find the carry-out option in Domino’s app and notify the outlet that you have arrived. An employee will come out and give your order.

The Menu in Walmart Is Completely the Same as Everywhere Else

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Domino’s and see one in your local Walmart, know that everything will be available. Domino’s is primarily a pizza restaurant famed for its affordable pizza deals like 5.99 or 7.99 dollar orders. But also they are known for their innovative recipes, so you will have the chance to try everything in a Walmart outlet, from Brooklyn-style to pan pizza. In addition, other dishes are available:

  • Different sorts of pasta dishes,
  • Chicken, mainly wings,
  • Sides,
  • Desserts,
  • Different types of refreshments.

You Can Also Surprise Someone With a Domino’s Gift Card From Walmart

Walmart offers Domino’s gift cards to customers (they are usually 20-dollar gift cards, but there are 50-dollar gift cards sometimes as well). You can either buy them in person in the store or online. If you are buying online, you just have to enter the email address of the person you want to send it to.

If You Shop at Walmart and Eat Domino’s Pizza Frequently, Become Domino’s Member

Domino’s has introduced an interesting feature called “Piece of the Pie Rewards.” Basically, for each order that exceeds 10 dollars, you will receive at least 10 points. After you have gathered a certain amount of points, you will be able to get a free pizza, and there are sometimes random prizes also. You can become a member through Domino’s app.

Person using the Domino's app on a smartphone

Shopping in Walmart and Enjoying Domino’s Pizza at the Same Time Is Now Absolutely Possible

Dining and shopping have become a tradition when visiting shopping malls, but huge stores like Walmart are using this hybrid model to its fullest potential. After all, Walmart stores are often referred to as “hypermarkets,” and people tend to spend a lot of time shopping in one of them. Therefore, being able to sit down and grab a bite is a big advantage, and now, you can enjoy some fresh Domino’s pizza as well.