How Many Pizza Hut Breadsticks Are in the Big Dinner Box?

Fan favorite Big Dinner Box that can feed four people is always high in demand. The order includes the best from the pizza chain. From delicious pizza, and mouth-watering breadsticks, to creamy pasta, and spicy wings, one will get a filling meal. So, how many Pizza Hut breadsticks are in the Big Dinner Box?

Every Big Dinner Box contains five savory breadsticks. Since it is a family-sized meal, each breadstick is intended for one diner. The order also includes two medium-sized pizzas with one topping, one type of pasta, and wings.

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How Many Pizza Hut Breadsticks Are in the Big Dinner Box?

Customers will get five breadsticks in their Big Dinner Box order. The popular breadsticks are one of the important parts of the order since they are chewy, fluffy, and incredibly appetizing. Since you are free to choose any topping you want on the two pizzas, the breadsticks will bring a bit of cheesy goodness to the meal.

They are topped with Parmesan cheese which adds golden brown color to the dough. With five breadsticks in the Big Dinner Box, each person can enjoy the savoriness and chewiness of the meals. Therefore, if you are looking for an authentic and filling order from Pizza Hut, don’t hesitate to request the Big Dinner Box.

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How Can You Customize Your Order?

You can be the chef of your own order. When requesting the Big Dinner Box, you get to choose the topping which you will have on your pizzas, the crust, the sauce for the wings, and the type of pasta that will be incorporated into the order. Here is a list of what is available.

  • Pizza crust – Hand-tossed, pan crust, and thin and crispy crust.
  • Pizza toppings – Pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, black olives, extra cheese, fresh garlic, and onions.
  • Pasta – Cheesy Alfredo, Veggie, Chicken Alfredo, Italian Meats.
  • Sauce for the Pizza Hut wings – Buffalo Mild, Spicy Garlic, Honey BBQ, Buffalo Burnin’ Hot, Buffalo Medium.

Can You Request Pizza Hut Breadsticks With Other Orders?

One can include breadsticks in every Pizza Hut order. They sell five breadsticks for $5.99. Whether you want just crispy buffalo wings, an Alfredo Chicken pasta, or a Pepperoni pizza, gooey breadsticks can be ordered as well.

In case you are not going to purchase the Big Dinner Box, it’s best to choose BBQ Pizza, Veggie Lover’s Pizza, Spicy Lover’s Pizza, or Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza and add five breadsticks to the order. The taste of the entire meal will be elevated with a marinara sauce or garlic sauce which comes at the cost of $0.60.

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How Are the Popular Breadsticks Prepared?

Even though the company keeps its recipes top-secret, there are many copycat recipes on the Internet that contain the key ingredients and methods of preparation. It turns out that the process of making gooey and chewy breadsticks is not complex at all.

The most important part is baking the bread, which requires olive oil, salt, non-fat milk powder, and rapid-rising yeast. Once the dough rises, it is sprinkled with Parmesan cheese which gives the sticks a savory flavor. When they gain a brown color in the oven, they are ready to be served. The ultimate taste can be achieved when they are dipped in marinara sauce.

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How Tasty Are the Pizza Hut Breadsticks?

No one is immune to the savoriness and cheesy goodness of Pizza Hut breadsticks. It just might be the perfect accompanying dish of the pizzeria. Not only are they super soft and fluffy, but they are also incredibly flavorful. The taste of the stick comes from the authentic seasoning – called by the company “fairy dust.”

Although Pizza Hut has a code name for their seasoning, the truth is that they pour Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, basil, and oregano on the stick to make the flavor more intense. According to the Top Tens poll, Pizza Hut has the second-best breadsticks out of all pizza chains. The only pizzeria that prepares them slightly better is the Little Caesars.

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Nutritional Facts of Pizza Hut Cheesy Breadsticks

Are you wary of your carb intake? Do not worry, as there is a way to enjoy the savory and soft Pizza Hut breadsticks without compromising your diet. The list of nutritional facts of one small stick prepared with Parmesan and garlic seasoning can help you plan your order accordingly. Here is our in-depth table of nutritional facts you should know about.

Calories158 kCal
Total Carbs20g
Fat6.8 g
Calcium28.5 mg
Phosphorus40.6 mg
Sodium175.9 mg
Folate41.7 mcg

What Other Side Dishes Are Available at Pizza Hut?

The pizzeria doesn’t offer only breadsticks as a side dish. Their comprehensive menu features cheese sticks, jalapenos, mozzarella cheese sticks, and fries. In case you are looking to incorporate many side dishes into your order, use the opportunity to try mozzarella cheese sticks and crispy fries that can be wonderfully paired with a Pepperoni Pizza and spicy wings.

Have a look at our table with prices of the side dishes at the pizzeria before ordering.

Cheese Sticks$5.29
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$4.49
Fries – ranch-seasoned, cajun-style or straight-cut$3.49

Try Pizza Hut Breadsticks if You Are Looking for a Delicious Side Dish

Whether you order the Big Dinner Box that contains five breadsticks or you request a different type of pizza with them, you will be fascinated by the flavor and the texture of this unique side dish. Pizza Hut serves one of the finest on the market, and it would be a terrible mistake to miss out on the incredibly cheesy and flavorful meal. They complete the Big Dinner Box, and there is enough for everyone. If you want to experiment with additional side dishes, make sure to order mozzarella cheese sticks, jalapenos, or fries. You will most definitely enjoy a filling and appetizing meal.