How Big Is Pizza Hut Dinner Box Pizza?

Maybe you’ve already heard that dinner box pizza size is different from Pizza Hut’s regular ones. So, how big is Pizza Hut dinner box pizza, and how does it differ from the standard?

Pizza Hut dinner box pizza is medium-sized and square-shaped. Keep in mind that a medium-sized rectangular pizza is not the same size as the round one, so it is smaller than what you’re used to. Still, a diner box (regular and big) has other dishes aside that will ensure your stomach stays full and satisfied.

Square-shaped pepperoni pizza

Is pizza from the dinner box worth trying? How about everything that goes with it? Keep reading if you’re curious to find out.

Pizza in Pizza Hut’s Dinner Box Is a Medium-Sized

Legendary dinner box from Pizza Hut containing one rectangular medium-sized pizza. However, keep in mind that medium doesn’t hold the same meaning when it comes to square and round shapes. Pizzas in these boxes are a little smaller than what you’re probably used to, but believe me – there is no way you’ll still be hungry after finishing with it.

Aside from one-topping pizza, for approximately $10 (depending on the exact location), you’ll also get five delicious breadsticks with garlic and marinara sauce and even ten cinnamon sticks with icing dip. It’s probably more than what you can eat in one sitting, no matter how hungry you are.

As for the pizza itself, you can choose any topping (pepperoni, mushrooms, red onion, and the like). My slice had a lot of cheese in it, but if you feel that yours is too dry, don’t forget you can drip the crust in marinara sauce.

My store also offered me to choose the crust, and I think that’s the case with most of them. When it comes to the crust, you’ll most likely be presented with several different picks, such as:

  • Hand-tossed crust,
  • Thin and crispy crust,
  • Pan crust.

When Is the Best Time to Eat Dinner Box Pizza (And All That Comes With It)?

Although there is the word dinner in the name of this meal combination, remember that you can order it any time (if a dinner box is on the store’s menu and the store is not closed). Are you familiar with the saying: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper?

This dinner box is a calorie bomb – keep in mind that just one slice of pepperoni pizza has 250 calories. One medium-sized pizza has eight slices, and that is not even all you’ll get with this box. Therefore, I strongly advise sharing this dinner box with someone, preferably not for dinner, no matter what the title says.

Don’t get me wrong – I have yet to meet a person who loves pizza more than me. But, in order to stay healthy, I learned how to compromise a bit. Here is a table with nutrition facts that may convince you to listen to my advice.

Nutrition ElementsSlice of rectangular pepperoni pizzaBreadstickCinnamon sticks (two pieces)
Total Fat11 g5 g5 g
Cholesterol20 mg0 mg0 mg
Carbohydrate490 mg380 mg210 mg
Sodium28 g22 g26 g
Protein10 g5 g4 g

Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box Is Excellent for Family Dinners or Smaller Gatherings

Big news for all lovers of these kinds of combos is that the big dinner box will return to most Huts in March this year. It holds similar dishes as a regular dinner box. Moreover, since I am not really a fan of sugary items, the big dinner box combination works even better for me.

The big dinner box contains two medium-sized rectangular pizzas with one topping of your choice, five breadsticks, and chicken wings or pasta, depending on what you decide. As with a regular box, the price varies depending on the location. However, I’ve never had to pay more than $25 for this combo, no matter the store.

For those pizza lovers who don’t appreciate this kind of variety, know that there is one other type of big dinner box – the one with three one-topping pizzas! Like other combos I mentioned earlier, they also come in medium size and square shape.

Whenever you have friends coming over, or you’re too tired to cook for your family, both of these types provide a good solution.

 Pizza slices on a plate

Triple Treat Box Has a Similar Offer

Triple treat box was available for a limited time during the holiday seasons last winter, and that’s when I actually tried it first – and I loved it. It offers a similar combination to those mentioned above. You get two medium one-topping pizzas, five breadsticks, and ten cinnamon rolls (instead of cinnamon sticks).

However, keep in mind that pizzas come in standard, round shape, which means they are bigger than the ones you get with a big dinner box. The price is usually around $35. They also come in really cool boxes on three levels – points for Pizza Hut’s innovation!

Pepperoni pizza on a wooden surface

Are Pizza Hut Boxes a Good Deal?

Yes, I would say they are. First of all, they hold the same quality you’re used to when ordering from these restaurants. Whether you decide to order a variety of products or go with pizza all the way, you’ll get just what you expected. But even more – ordering these combinations would be more beneficial for your wallet than getting all of these products separately. What’s not to like?

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