How to Order Costco Pizza?

Many people frequent Costco in order to buy products in bulk at a discounted price. However, some don’t have a clue that there is a Costco food court selling delicious pizzas in case the customers become hungry. Therefore, if you want to know how to order Costco pizza, read on to find out.

Ordering pizza at Costco is quite simple. You can do it over the phone or wait in line at the Costco food court. It is not possible to place an order online, but if you order over the phone, it will be waiting for you when you arrive at the food court after shopping so that you can pick it up right away.

Costco wholesale building

What Is the Best Way to Order Costco Pizzas?

It is vital to know that the retail store offers cheap and delicious pizzas for buyers who have subscribed to their membership cards. For customers who want a slice of the piping hot Costco pizza should head to the store and pick up the pizza for themselves.

The ideal way to order one is to place a 15-minute advance order at the food court before you start shopping. Once you finish going between the aisles and buying necessary items, you can return to the food court and simply take your flavorful pizzas and eat them at home.

Searching for a Simple Way? Then, Order Over the Phone

If you want more time for browsing through the shelves, ordering over the phone might be a simple and more convenient way. What one should do is visit the Costco Warehouse website and find the option ‘Warehouse Services.’

When you find a subheading named “Food Court,” click on the plus sign next to it. Your local Costco food court’s phone number will appear on the screen so that you can call the number right away. Bear in mind that phone orders are for whole pizzas and not just single slices.

Even though the retail store suggests that one should make an order over the phone 15 minutes in advance, it would be best to call at least 30 minutes, if not an hour, ahead of the pickup time. During busy hours, weekends, and right before holidays, the demand increases, so if you don’t want to arrive at the food court and queue, call in advance.

Also, your Costco membership will be required to enter the warehouse and pick up the pizzas from the food court.

Pizza with cheese and ham

Can You Request a Pizza Delivery?

It might be disappointing to find out that Cosco, unfortunately, doesn’t deliver pizzas. The only way to pick up one is to physically visit their food court and pick it up in person. They don’t offer a delivery service in any form. However, there are some indirect but resourceful methods one can use in order to get pizzas delivered by a third party.

One way this can be accomplished is by ordering through TaskRabbit. Hiring so-called Taskers to do errands and perform various jobs on your behalf can prove to be useful in this situation.

What one can do is phone the Costco food court, request a particular type of pizza, and hire a Tasker that has a membership to go and pick it up for you. In this way, you could wait for your meal to arrive at your front door, and you won’t splurge on double services since Costco’s pizzas are already at a discounted price.

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Do You Need a Costco Membership to Buy Their Pizzas?

It might be surprising to many, but during the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company changed its membership policy. Customers who wanted to try their sizzling hot pizzas needed to subscribe to the $60 annual membership so as to buy from their food court. Luckily, the company has changed its stance on the policy since then.

For instance, in case the food court is outside the store, the customer will be able to pick up the pizzas without checking their membership subscription.

Still, if the food court is inside the store, you can still get away with your order. One can simply walk in and tell the workers inside that they require a box of pizza. When you do this, keep in mind that you will have to pay in cash. Additionally, it is possible to get only whole pizzas and not slices when ordering without a membership.

Get a Membership if You Truly Want to Indulge in Cheap Pizzas

Even though the membership that costs $60 might seem like a splurge at first, you will get to enjoy a lot of perks. The pizzas will come at a lower price, and you can even get $1.5 hotdogs. Based on the type of membership you are subscribed to, there is a chance you will recoup the fee from Costco’s frequent sales, promo codes, and offers. There are three types of membership you can choose from – executive membership, gold star membership, and business membership.

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How Much Will You Pay For Costco’s Pizzas?

With a membership, you can choose to buy either a whole pizza or a couple of slices, or just a single slice. Here is a table with the most frequently bought pizzas and their cost.

Type of Cosco’s PizzaPrice
Whole 18” Pepperoni Pizza$9.95
Pepperoni Pizza Slice$1.99
Whole 18” Cheese Pizza$9.95
Cheese Pizza Slice$1.99

One of the advantages of ordering a meal at this retail company is the affordable prices. Their business model allows for much lower costs of food than with other national chains. Apart from the cost, they offer pizzas that are 18” in diameter, which makes them larger than any extra-large pizza at other chain stores. Therefore, you’ll be getting a big meal for cheap bucks.

Additionally, Costco’s whole pizza is made up of 12 slices, so when you purchase an entire pizza, you will get each slice at the cost of about $0.83 dollars. However, those who want to request only one slice will be charged $1.99, which is affordable in comparison with Domino’s pizzas or even Pizza Hut’s pizzas.

Depending on how many people will be eating, you should prioritize ordering the entire 18” dish since it is better to pay $9.95 and have more slices which you can save for later than just getting a single slice for $1.99.

Different pizza slices

Can You Purchase Take and Bake Pizzas?

Even though Costco stopped selling take-and-bake pizzas, they revived their frozen pizzas selection due to the cult following. Their freezing selection includes numerous varieties, from standard pepperoni to gluten-free and mini pizzas. They are microwavable, which is a perfect solution if you are looking for a quick meal. The customer is free to add any ingredient while baking them in their pizza ovens.

Other Costco’s frozen pizza varieties include cauliflower-crusted pizza, margarita, Kirkland cheese, and other delicious specialties. Before heading to the store, it’s ideal to check which ones are still available since they added some take-and-bake pizzas but discontinued others due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A person is placing a pizza in a pizza oven

Top Costco’s Pizzas You Should Order

When you decide to try some of Costco’s pizzas, you will get to choose either pepperoni, cheese, or a combination of two. If you want an upgrade on classic pizzas, getting a combo is a great option since you will have toppings such as meat and vegetables. Here is a list of Costco’s specialty dishes:

  • Cheese – It is made with 10.5 ounces of tomato sauce, 24 ounces of fresh mozzarella, Parmesan cheeses, and provolone. The recipe was designed to resemble a New York-style pizza, so the customer can expect a crispy crust and mouthwatering cheese on top.
  • Pepperoni – This pizza combines 60 pepperoni slices with 14 ounces of mozzarella,  provolone, tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese, and pizza dough. The company demands 60 slices of pepperoni per dish in order to make sure that each bite contains delicious texture and flavor.
  • Combo – It is topped with 36 slices of pepperoni, 4 ounces of sausage, 10 ounces of veggie mix, green peppers, red onions, and black olives.

Now You Are Ready to Order Pizzas at Costco

Even though the company doesn’t offer delivery or online ordering, Costco’s specialty pizzas are worth trying out since they are definitely better than other chain retail store pizzas such as ones at Walmart. The best way to get your hands on one of their cheese or pepperoni pizzas is by requesting at their food court or ordering over the phone.

If you have Costco’s membership, you will be able to queue at the retail store and get a meal at a lower price.

Also, when ordering over the phone, a person has to pick the meal up in person. If you are not enthusiastic about going to the food court to pick it up for yourself, you can always use TaskRabbit and have someone pick it up for you.